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Clearing the Air: a woman holds a young girl in front of a ger.

In the coldest capital in the world, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, BYU engineers are retrofitting traditional dwellings, called gers, with ceramic electric heaters and radiant barriers to eliminate the dangerous particles emitted by burning coal. Their designs, which make gers five times more energy efficient, impressed the Mongolian prime minister and will be added to more than a hundred gers this fall.

The incoming class of 2019 forms a giant Y in the LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Fall semester has begun. Get a glimpse into the first day back at BYU—or first BYU day ever—for thousands of students. For freshmen, the semester kicked off with the yearly forming of the Y in LaVell Edwards Stadium. View its creation with this time-lapse.

A planet looms large with a bright star in the background.

BYU researchers have now made the most accurate count of Earth-like planets to date. And they discovered similar-sized rocky planets are much more abundant than once believed. Their findings will help future space missions in the pursuit to discover if life can survive away from our planet. Read more about their findings and what they mean for the future.

BYU Spectacular! features Ben Rector with Hilary Weeks. Buy tickets.
Andy and Randy Reid sit together in the Kandas City Chief's locker room.

You’ve likely heard of BYU grad Andy Reid, head coach of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, but do you know his “brother” Randy? Watch this tongue-in-cheek, behind-the-scenes clip of how Randy contributes to the Chief’s team spirit and game prep.

A BYU engineering professor and his student use equipment in a lab.

BYU students, faculty, and alumni have screened more than 30,000 children in Samoa for rheumatic heart disease and have referred hundreds for life-saving treatment. Take a look at this project, highlighted in BYU’s newest broadcast commercial.

Now open at the BYU Museum of Art: Rend the Heavens, Intersections of the Human and Divine.
A map shows where Ty Hopkins began his ride in Alberta and follows down to the border of Mexico.

Exercise science professor Ty Hopkins spent 16 days riding from Canada to Mexico, covering 2,725 miles of mountain and desert, encountering four bears on the trail, and finishing fourth in the 2018 Tour Divide. Find out more about Hopkins’s wild adventure—and research project.

Bruce and Marie Hafen.

Bruce and Marie Hafen offer their perspective, tools, and compassion for Latter-day Saints struggling with their faith. They share how issues that challenge our faith require evidence, patience, and trust in God.

A number of different seed coatings are displayed in small glass jars.

As summer blazes continue to scorch the planet, BYU researchers are hoping to save lives and homes by creating better, faster models to predict the behavior of wildfires. Go into the lab to explore the chemistry of how fires burn through wildland fuels.

Portrait of Mitchell A. Davis.

No free time in your busy schedule to attend a concert? BYU alumna Lindsey Stirling just tried a virtual solution for busy fans. Teaming up with Wave, a virtual concert platform, Stirling performed songs from her upcoming album Artemisas a digital avatar.

A BYU player races to the ball with a Colorado College player close behind.

BYU women’s soccer began its season with a bang with Ws against strong SEC opponents. Now the Cougars are prepping for a match against Utah this Friday at 7 p.m. MDT. Get your tickets or watch the action on BYUtv.

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