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Anxiety and depression are on the rise for young adults
Expectations and stress levels run high for college students and young missionaries as they leave home and learn to "adult." Many face debilitating anxiety and depression. Here are some suggestions from BYU experts—both for those who suffer and those who want to help.
BYU grads in caps and gowns

When student Alfred Kelly spoke at BYU graduation in 1912, his vision of thousands of smiling, faithful BYU students exiting beautiful temples of learning may have saved the university. Here is the story as related by former BYU president Jeffrey R. Holland in a 1987 devotional.

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Young Ambassadors perform Yorktown

BYU Young Ambassadors take their shot at “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

Hinckley Center with tulips
How can I overcome self-criticism and insecurity? How can I be financially stable? How can doubt strengthen my testimony? Find the answers as this semester’s devotional speakers share inspiring and testimony-strengthening experiences.
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Helping war victims with needed prosthetics
BYU engineering students have teamed with the nonprofit Engage Now Africa to create a socket for above-knee amputees that fits neatly into prosthetics made available by the International Red Cross. See how this capstone program aims to help amputees in Sierra Leone.
Recently renovated Reflection Room
The new Reflection Room in the Wilk has been renovated with flooring and furniture, as well as with three paintings that portray the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. See a photo slideshow of this enhanced setting for the Memorial Wall, which honors the sacrifice of BYU students who died preserving freedom in world conflicts.
When BYU student Carrie O’Dell faced financial hardship, the BYU chapter in Tulsa stepped in and helped pay for her schooling with a replenishment grant. Now back home in Oklahoma, O’Dell is doing what she can to give someone else an opportunity for a BYU education.
Utah's newest dinosaur
Move over, honeybee and seagull: it’s time to meet Utah's newest animal kingdom star—Moabosaurus utahensis, a 125-million-year-old sauropod pulled from a quarry near Arches National Park. BYU geology professor Brooks Britt shares details of the discovery in this video.
Jean B. Bingham speaks at UN
Recently returned from a field visit to Uganda, BYU grad and Relief Society general president Jean B. Bingham spoke on the Church's humanitarian efforts as part of an interfaith panel at the United Nations this month.
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