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A man in a black ski mask is looking at a laptop screen. Some display text says Deet Diggers.
Do you use the same password everywhere? Do you receive suspicious emails? Do you ever wonder what information is being gathered by the dozens of apps on your smartphone? If you said yes to any of these, then this article is for you. Most people have had private information leaked in some way. Protecting from scams, data leaks, and other online vulnerabilities is simply a matter of not making ourselves “low-hanging fruit” for hackers, according to BYU experts.
Adia Cardona, a 10-year-old violinist, with her prosthetic limb and a recently engineered device.
For aspiring musician Adia, a young violinist who wears a prosthetic arm to play, controlling her bow was a challenge. But then a BYU engineering student created a simple device that keeps the bow from sliding up the neck of the violin. Learn more in this video.
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1500m champ Anna Camp-Bennett pumps her fist in teh air after crossing the finish line.
Anna Camp-Bennett earned the NCAA title in the women’s 1500m with a school record-breaking 4:08.53, leading BYU women’s track and field to a 10th-place finish at the NCAA outdoor championships last Saturday. Conner Mantz was national runner-up in the 10K and the men finished 17th. In addition, as the track and cross-country seasons wrap up, the BYU women were named the NCAA Division I Program of the Year and the men finished runner-up.
BYU geography professor Matt Bekker checks a weather station.
The western US is facing a blistering drought. In this Q&A BYU geography professor Matt Bekker discusses water saving tips and a changing climate.
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Steven Harper, professor of Church history and doctrine, speaks at a BYU devotional.

“Becoming a seeker is hard intellectual and spiritual work. It is a long, slow, deliberate process,” said Steven Harper, professor of Church history and doctrine, in his recent devotional. But Harper also believes that “the Lord will tell you in your mind and in your heart by the Holy Ghost” when you find truth. Read a recap, watch highlights, or enjoy the complete address.

Eight female singers on a couch.
BYU Noteworthy will be seeing some big changes this year with five new members and a new director. Catch their cover of Ben Platt’s “Grow As We Go,” one of the final a cappella videos before graduations and auditions mixed things up.
Two Yapay Bolivia volunteers hold three Bolivian children, all smiling.
Four BYU alumni who served missions in Bolivia joined forces to found the charity Yapay Bolivia. (In Quechua, yapay means “give a little more.”) The charity has funded multiple healthcare and educational projects and has donated resources like COVID-19 PPE, chickens, and garden equipment.
A young man is sitting on a park bench, head in hands.
“Suddenly he felt more alone and overwhelmed than he had at any moment in his life. As the tears welled up in his eyes, he despised himself for feeling so afraid—but he was, and the tears would not stop.” In this inspiring short video, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shares an account of one of his friends who got lost as a young man, teaching that trouble will come, but discouragement doesn’t have to.
BYU mascot Cosmo the Cougar soars above a basketball rim just before dunking.
Missing Cosmo? Here’s your opportunity for a digital reunion on Instagram. Or observe the BYU mascot as he hits the gym to show that he’s been staying in shape and is ready to greet fans as they return to cheer at athletic contests this year.
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