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BYU, We Have Liftoff
The NASA shuttle Endeavor launched last month with a bit of BYU onboard. A team of faculty and students designed a specialized circuit for the spacecraft. See how the BYU circuit saves astronauts time in space.
Google Doodle
The art of BYU assistant professor Ryan Woodward danced across Google's homepage May 11 to celebrate acclaimed choreographer Martha Graham.
Two Championships, One Title
In May the BYU men's rugby and lacrosse teams competed in national championships. While rugby fell in Rio Tinto Stadium, lacrosse claimed a national title.
Stroll the New Stream
South campus features a newly renovated half-mile trail and stream that are a restored version of BYU's late 1800s trail and stream--plus five waterfalls.
Indelible Tracings
Fifty years ago the entire U.S. World Figure Skating Team died in a plane crash. Former competitive skater Patricia Bushman (BA '78) honors them in a new book.
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
Christians in Iraq
Radboud University's Herman Teule will speak on June 22 about Christians in contemporary Iraq.
Crime Scene Mesopotamia
Check the video archive later this month for a visiting Hebrew scholar's June 1 lecture on forensics in ancient Near Eastern courtrooms.
David O. McKay School of Education
Augmented Reality
Integrating computer data into your 3-D life, augmented reality could help you fix your car, create 3-D books, and more.
What's a Texty?
Special education faculty Betty Ashbaker helped write a "Texty"-winning book about working with autistic children.
Take a Principal to Dinner
BYU students chatted with local principals over dinner, getting an insider's view of the education profession.
Science-Fair Chronicles
See the science-fair projects that won big money at the 2011 Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair, hosted at BYU.
College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Online Connections
Check out the online version of the spring 2011 issue of Connections, the college's alumni magazine.
Prestigious Publications
Two political science students' papers on European policy will be published. One of the students won a trip to Belgium.
Taking a Seat in Finland
Political science professor Earl Fry was honored with the Fulbright Bicentennial Chair at the University of Helsinki.
College of Fine Arts and Communications
Reel Success
The International Cinematographers Guild recognized BYU's theatre and media arts program as one of the nation's best.
Care to Dance?
The American College Dance Festival selected BYU's Contemporary Dance Theatre to perform two dances.
Paratroopers Best of Show
See video of Drag, the paratrooper piece that won Best of Show in the Visual Arts Student Show.
Simpson's Legacy
After 27 years coaching famous artists and BYU students, the associate director of Young Ambassadors is retiring.
Promising Junior Faculty
Brian Jensen is the third BYU mechanical engineer in two years to win the National Science Foundation's CAREER award.
Faster Than Most Ferraris
Going from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, BYU's hybrid racecar took second in an international race--and it gets 42 mpg.
Flight of the Ladybug
With a Department of Defense SMART scholarship, grad student Ken Langley will study flow fields in ladybug flight.
Defense Fellows
See what two mechanical engineering grad students--both recipients of U.S. Department of Defense fellowships--are researching.
College of Humanities
Beyond Y, Beyond Z
Read former academic vice president John Tanner's essay about taking life's journeys beyond the normal limits.
A Big, Fat Greek Book
BYU philosophy chair Daniel Graham's new work on early Greek philosophy was praised by the Times Literary Supplement as a monumental feat.
College of Life Sciences
Both Carry HIV, One Healthy
A BYU team published research on how HIV evolved differently in a set of twins, as well as two other studies about the virus.
Life After Life Sciences
At the college's spring convocation, life science graduates were admonished to prepare to serve and to cherish their spiritual experiences at BYU.
Loving the Cadaver Lab
Passionate about cadavers and teaching, human anatomy assistant lecturer Rachel Tomco passes that love on to hundreds of students.

College of Nursing
Lessons Learned
In her last lecture, JoAnn Abegglen shared lessons she learned while teaching at BYU. Read excerpts from her lecture.
Food and Care Kudos
A group of BYU nursing students were voted Volunteers of the Month by Provo's Food and Care Coalition.
Thank You, Kindly
Holly Skelton, administrative assistant to the dean, has received the President's Appreciation Award.
Nurses Go National
A national nursing convention held in Salt Lake City allowed more BYU students a taste of issues in the field.
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Planets Align
BYU Astrofest featured rocket building and telescopes--plus that morning four planets were grouped together in the sky.
Geological Domination
A team of BYU geology students dominated a regional quiz competition, taking home top honors.
Air-Tight Math
In a university forum, associate dean Tom Sederberg explains his invention for fixing leaky tea pots, airplanes, and the like.
Extraterrestrial Footprints
Student Terik Daly, recipient of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, is studying impact craters on a micro scale.
J. Reuben Clark Law School
Add Your Strength
This year's Strengthening the Family Symposium is in need of volunteers and participants. Get involved.
Thy Mind Must Stretch
Hear the university forum address given by Professor John Welch, the 2010-11 recipient of BYU's highest faculty honor.
Women's Faculty Honor
The BYU Faculty Women's Association honored professor Kif Augustine-Adams with its teaching award.
Church and State in India
Two BYU representatives traveled to India to participate in a conference about religion and the government.
Marriott School of Management
New Eccles Scholars
Five MBA students received $10,000 Eccles Scholarships to explore global business careers.
Bateman Awards Announced
The Merrill J. Bateman Award is the only school-wide award selected entirely by students. See the results.
Info-Systems Trifecta
Six BYU information systems students dominated a recent competition in Florida, taking home three first-place finishes.
Reeling in Awards
Faced with the challenge of creating innovative solutions to social concerns, several students turned to fish and took first place at a competition.
Museum of Art BYU Broadcasting
BYU's Own Bill Nye
Chad Nielsen teaches science with "stupid mnemonics" and comedic dancing.
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The Story Trek
A new BYU series airing Thursday nights at 7 proves that everyone has a story.
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BYU Magazine Continuing Education
Church History Tools Released
Two new Religious Studies Center books can help you delve into Church history.
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Students Say Thanks
Hear Shanti Rose and two other students express appreciation for their BYU educations.
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