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BYU animated short makes BAFTA shortlist
Watch the latest short from BYU’s acclaimed animation program. See for yourself why this film made the BAFTA shortlist—and be sure to keep an ear open for BYU student Jordan Kamalu’s Student Emmy–winning score.
Desert moss drinks from moist air

Who needs roots? This gravity-defying desert moss uses awns (slender bristles) to drink directly from moist air. Geek out as water droplets form and zip inward in this extreme closeup video. And see what Science and the Washington Post had to say.

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Ballroom dance wins at Blackpool competition
BYU's Ballroom Dance Company took first place in both the Latin and standard ballroom categories at England's Blackpool Dance Festival, making BYU's all-time championship total 24. Watch the Latin routine here. Want to see a live performance? Check the schedule.
To truly love others, we have to vecome vulnerable in new ways.
Superheroes and princesses can be entertaining, but they also have limitations, said human-development professor Sarah Coyne in a recent devotional. Read or watch a summary, listen to the complete address, or share this quote on Facebook.
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Sunset at Shanghai Disney

Can't wait to explore Treasure Cove, walk down Mickey Avenue, or take a ride on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run? Well, next week you can get in line behind three BYU grads: Shanghai Disney imagineers Ben Morgan and Peyton Buhler and finance guy Sam Hawkins. Read the story or check out Sam's pics on Instagram.

Ammon Lego scene
The BYU football family gathered in Mesa, Ariz.; Pleasanton and Irvine, Calif.; West Valley and Lehi, Utah; and Laie, Hawaii, in May and June to hear players and coaches speak at firesides as well as to play games, get autographs, and get hyped for fall. Check out the photo galleries to see if you or someone you know got caught on camera.
Living Legends tour South Pacific
BYU’s Living Legends recently toured New Zealand, Samoa, and Tonga. See colorful images, watch a short video, and witness the warm welcome in Auckland.
Students pick up Shia LaBeouf
On a Wednesday in May, students Scott Daly and Hank Hansen left Provo to find actor, performance artist, and, most recently, hitchhiker Shia LaBeouf. Read why.
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