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Sliding into Sochi
BYU student Kate Hansen just won gold on the World Cup luge circuit—the first top finish for Team USA in 16 years. Now she's got her eye on Olympic hardware. See her slide, and hear her Olympic journey in this video.
Finding Sunken Treasures
If your job is to hunt for sunken pirate ships, you might as well look the part. Read more about Fritz Hanselmann, an alum who followed his dreams to the bottom of the ocean.
A Game for the Library of Congress
A new video game built by BYU students aims to get kids back into books—and it's being hosted by the Library of Congress. Play Readers to the Rescue now.
That's One Grand Piano
Valued at a quarter of a million dollars, BYU's newest piano is the crown jewel of Fazioli's collection. See it in action in this video, or get tickets to the Fazioli's premier concert.
Scarred by Dodgeball
Does the thought of P.E. bring back bad memories? A new study shows that kids who were picked on in gym class are less likely to exercise a year later.
Your Turn:
Did you meet your spouse in the Maeser Building? Fall in love in a lab? Court in the Cougareat? Tell us how you met your BYU sweetheart and be entered in a drawing to win a Valentine's package of goodies from the BYU Bookstore.
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