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THE BYU LAUNCHPAD: showing a billboard with an astronaut on Mars and a timer saying 2:00.
You’ve probably seen Allstate’s Mayhem commericals, but did you know that the character was created by an alum of BYU’s top-ranked advertising program? Read all about the award-winning AdLab and watch this playlist of some of the best ads by BYU grads.
A stream with rocks on either side of it surrounded by trees.
Last week the Honor Code Office (HCO) website was updated to include details about the appeals process, information on bringing a support person, and a name change for HCO employees, among other improvements. BYU Magazine also sat down with HCO director Kevin Utt to get his insights on some common questions.
2019 gameday football tee only $10. Shop now at BYU Store.
Members of Vocal Point stand in a shallow lake with a mountain backdrop.

In a shallow glassy lake, BYU’s Vocal Point harmonizes to “Circle of Life,” the popular song from Disney’s The Lion King. Check out the singers’ melodic take on the iconic song.

A gymnast stands on a vault as another gymnast holds a bottle up for her to kick the lid off.
After being challenged by a mixed martial artist, singer John Mayer ninja kicked the lid off of a bottle. The video went viral, and people around the world have been attempting the feat. BYU gymnastics took it one step further as they jumped, swung, and vaulted through their attempts at the bottle cap challenge.
BYU Spectacular! features Ben Rector with Hilary Weeks. Buy tickets.
A smiling Melody Warnick
In her book, This Is Where You Belong, BYU grad Melody Warnick shares the stories of those who create a home wherever they are. Drawing from her own experiences and those of others, Warnick shares ways to enjoy and improve the place where you live.
Noteworthy members sit in the live studio as they sing Over the Rainbow border=

In a filmed live session, BYU’s Noteworthy performed and recorded a cover of “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz.

A painting of a pioneer woman pushing a handcart.

Need a break from July fireworks and picnics? Check out these BYU speeches as you prepare to celebrate Pioneer Day 2019. Read the messages of Gordon B. Hinckley, David J. Whittaker, and Lawrence R. Flake as they share thoughts on pioneers, prophets, and journeys.

Mary Lake stands with her Team USA teammates after their first place win.
After spending her summer with Team USA, senior volleyball star Mary Lake and takes you behind the scenes in this action-packed photo essay.
A scene grab from Stranger Things season 3 shows a girl sits in front of her bed holding a book and there is a BYU football flag hanging on her wall.
Whether you love or loathe the hit show Stranger Things, you might be interested in its many connections to BYU: a nod to BYU football, a BYU comms professor’s analysis of why the show is so popular, or the efforts of a BYU-educated nurse and a Stranger Things star to bring awareness to a rare health condition.
Hands hold a folded t-shirt that shows a cassette tape named BYU Spectacular!and featuring the names Ben Rector and Hilary Weeks. The hands also hold two tickets to the event.
This year’s BYU Spectacular! will feature singer Ben Rector, known for his song “Brand New” and No. 1 Billboard Christian artist Hilary Weeks. The two headliners will be joined by BYU’s Vocal Point, Men’s Chorus, Young Ambassadors, Ballroom Dance Company, Cougarettes, International Folk Dance Ensemble, and Dunk Team. Get your tickets now.
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