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BYU Animation's Taijitu nominated for student Emmy
Young Ten is afraid of the dark, and yet it’s his job to turn day into night. Take a look behind the scenes of Taijitu, the latest Student Emmy–nominated BYU animation, and learn how all those long hours became part of a love story for two BYU students.
Lay hold upon words that can lift and save you.

In a recent devotional, McKay Christensen shared the principle of “laying hold” upon the word—whether that word is found in the scriptures, through a life-saving blessing, or in expressions of love to a family member. Watch highlights or enjoy the entire address.

Kristin Chenoweth and GENTRI

Award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth will be the featured guest for BYU Spectacular! at Homecoming this October. Tickets go on sale July 17. Chenoweth will be joined by GENTRI: The Gentlemen Trio in two special 90-minute shows. Discover all of the Homecoming activities at

Val Sheffield portrait
Val Sheffield says he found his calling in life in a BYU Biology 100 class. Now this geneticist, professor, doctor, and researcher works to identify where disease mutations occur and how to help patients who suffer from related maladies.
Sunset over Utah Lake and BYU campus
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shares the inspiring vision of 1912 BYU student Alfred Kelly, who helped save BYU in a time of financial crisis. Even though upper campus had only one building, Kelly predicted a campus filled with temples of learning, "hundreds of buildings covering the top of that hill and stretching clear to the mouth of Rock Canyon."
Mom reads picture book to child
There's nothing like a picture book for bonding with children and fostering literacy. And BYU psych professor Melissa Heath is exploring ways stories can be used to teach values and behaviors. Browse this article to discover a bevy of bedtime story recommendations.
Winged Victory sculpture
In this brief video highlight from BYU Women's Conference 2017, Sister Kathryn Callister shares some thoughts about how the Greek sculpture Winged Victory is beautiful in its imperfection.
Jia Jiang
Life gives everyone lemons. But who goes around looking for more? Meet BYU computer science grad Jia Jiang. See what he learned when he filmed his challenging list of 100 ways to get rejected—from pulling over a cop to asking for Olympic-style doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.
Mountain biker on a grassy path
New BYU research reveals that if you are willing to exercise—30 to 40 minutes, five days a weekyou should be able to improve your biological age. Learn how you can add nine years to your life.
Portraits of Moses by Arnold Friberg
To visually assist the 1950s film The Ten Commandments, Utah artist Arnold Friberg painted eight portraits of the actor Charleton Heston as Moses. Now the Harold B. Lee Library has these works on display for the first time. Check out details from the library and a KSL video on the exhibit.
Former BYU football player Jamaal Williams
In 92 days, BYU's football team will kick off the 2017 season. Be sure you have your bleacher IQ in peak condition by taking Greg Wrubell's weekly quizzes. Here are quiz no. 1 and quiz no. 2.
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