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Gladys Knight at BYU Spectacular
See legendary singer Gladys Knight, YouTube star Peter Hollens, vocal phenom Lexi Mae Walker, and BYU student performing groups at Homecoming on Oct. 15. Get priority alumni access before July 18 by using promo code BYUALUMNI2016 at
Disney princess effect

Professor Sarah Coyne measured the impact of Disney's pervasive princess culture on young girls and boys. See national coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post, Time, and CBS News.

Studio C tees just arrived
Football coaches and players rep the Y in Hawaii
Football coaches and players repped the Y at a fanfest in Hawaii, then shared uplifting stories in fireside talks. Don't miss Ty's testimony or what Coach Sitake learned from stealing a mango. And here’s a recap of the 2016 media day.
To truly love others, we have to vecome vulnerable in new ways.
Professor Scott Rankin (BS ’91, MS ’92) is living the dairy dream at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he analyzes ice cream texture and other dairy qualities that he says "push a lot of our physiological buttons." Here's the scoop on his sweet job.
Make space for Christ

“Dense with substantial material” is how a #BYUDevo tweet described this recent speech by German professor Michelle Stott James. Read, watch, or listen to “Empty Centers and the Fire of the Lord.” Or share this and other BYU Speeches quotes on Facebook.

Elder Holland video
One in four people will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives. If you or someone you love struggles with depression, here are three recent resources: 1. “Real Men Get Help” in BYU Magazine. 2. A Facebook post and video on by Elder Holland. 3. A content-rich documentary by BYU students about the late Emily Dyches (BS '99) and the unspoken effects of postpartum depression in Utah.
Pokemon Go at BYU
If you believe Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Pokémon GO is already the primary pastime of a lot of BYU students and at least one professor. And punter Jonny Linehan jokes that there might be smartphones on the stadium sideline this fall. Seriously, this app may have potential to get gamers out of the house and help remedy anti-social behaviors uncovered by BYU researchers.
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