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Giant student engineer measures SWKT

If you don’t believe it, take a look at this new commercial that airs during BYU athletic events. It focuses on President Worthen's Inspiring Learning initiative, a multi-million dollar program that provides support for experiential learning and other engaging educational experiences for students.

Freshman form giant Y

Forming a giant human Y in the stadium is a cool new tradition for incoming freshman students each fall. Watch the 2017 time-lapse video, then check out today's total likes on the most-popular post in BYU Instagram history.

Time to Rep the Y. Game day shirts $10.
Butch Pau'u at spring camp

BYU students show their smiles all day as they launch into fall semester—reconnecting with old friends, learning building acronyms, and trekking between classes. Welcome back to campus!

Campus forager Neil Reed
More women are working outside the home than ever before, but most still come home to a second shift. What's the best way to divide household work and build family unity? Sociology professor Renata Forste shares some research-based ideas.
The Problem We All Live With, 1964, by Norman Rockwell, Norman Rockwell Museum Collections
This new music video from the BYU Young Ambassadors show band features classic Chicago hits “25 or 6 to 4,” “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” and “Get Away.”
DFCU auto loans
Elder Lynn G. Robbins speaks at BYU Education Week

The words ion trap mass spectrometer conjure images of something, well, massive. But BYU researchers have created a miniaturized, portable version of this atmosphere-analyzing tool, opening up a world of possibilities, including field detection of chemical weapons or explosives.

BYU Folk Dance Ensemble student dances with a Vietnamese woman
You may remember BYU football alum Derwin Gray as a pass-snagging defensive safety from the '90s. Today he is lead pastor of the Transformation Church in North Carolina. And he still gets pumped up for BYU football.
50-year anniversary of the discovery of chiasmus in the Book of Mormon
Walter Rodriguez dreamed of attending BYU but didn't know how he could afford college. With encouragement and a replenishment grant from the local alumni chapter, he is reaching his educational goals. Find out how BYU alumni give back to hundreds of students each year.
BYU Spectacular! with Kristin Chenoweth
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