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A trail of light on the path ascending Y Mountain
In this new video with a timeless message, President Kevin J Worthen entreats students to align their lives with Christ's and spread the gospel—and the light of the Y—through their examples. "The light you gain here may influence others for eternity," he says. Also see the incoming class of 2018 form the Y in the stadium.
A BYU receiver leaps over an Arizona defender
BYU football is flying high following a big road win in Arizona. Here's a cinematic recap and a photo essay of the game. The Cougars' first home game is against Cal this Saturday at 8:15 p.m. MDT. Wear white. Remember: clear bags only. Not in Provo? Watch on ESPN2. Go Cougs!
Summit Creek, quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community
Volleyball player Roni Jones-Perry goes above the net to block the shot of a Stanford player
After a victory over no. 1 Stanford, the BYU women's volleyball team went on to win the BYU Nike Invitational last week. Now ranked no. 3, the team travels to play in the Marquette Invitational this weekend, facing USC, Syracuse, and the host team.
A sunburst by Y mountian lights the new Engineering Building on south campus
Classes inside the new Engineering Building (EB), students with huge smiles, and that helpful guy who knows all of the building acronyms and locations. View this first-day photo gallery to see what has changed since your last campus visit.
The 2018 Gameday Tee $10
Frothy cold BYU Mint Brownie Chocolate Milk. Ahhhh.
It's no surprise that BYU is the most "Stone-Cold Sober" university in the country, according to the Princeton Review. After all, it's BYU's 21st year in a row to gain that distinction. But creating Mint Brownie Chocolate Milk to celebrate? That's a refreshing twist. Here's hoping it tastes as good as it looks.
Scholar Donald Parry holds a magnifying glass over a Dead Sea scroll
BYU professor of Hebrew Donald Parry recently regaled a Wyoming alumni chapter audience with secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Read a refresher on why the scrolls are relevant today and learn how the dinner and fireside in Casper raised money for replenishment grants, pay-it-forward student scholarships.
Alumna Sahar Qumsiyeh shares her story
For 12 years Palestinian Latter-day Saint Sahar Qumsiyeh walked a perilous route to church in Jerusalem each week. With checkpoints and soldiers at every turn, the journey often took her more than three hours. But she says the journey made her stronger: "I prayed for help and received it and witnessed miracle after miracle every Sabbath." Read her powerful story.
BYU-born The National Parks performs with fans and the marching band in Edwards stadium
See the BYU Sports Nation debut of "I Can Feel It," a new song and video created by The National Parks for BYU football's Countdown to Kickoff show. After the music stops, keep watching to see the interview with lead singer Brady Parks.
Buy tickets to BYU Spectacular! featuring Colbie Caillat and David Archuleta
View of Capitol Hill through the columns of the Supreme Court building
With the U.S. Supreme Court in the news and four BYU alumni (Senators Hatch, Flake, Lee, Crapo) participating in the confirmation hearings today, here are some noteworthy BYU speeches about the Supreme Court, including one by Chief Justice John Roberts.
Scottnema lindsayae, a hardy microscopic Antarctic nematode on a golden background
For this week's A Thing of Beauty, Antarctic researcher and biology professor Byron Adams chose Scottnema lindsayae, a crowned nematode with a pearl paint job. See why Adams describes this creature as "face-melting."
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