A light bulb image drawn in the sand

Ideas from the Sandbox

Could you build a company in two semesters? BYU students do just that through Sandbox, a BYU program where they turn their ideas into real problem-solving tech startups. In this episode of the Y Magazine podcast, Sandbox director Christopher Crittenden and student Pearl Hulbert share how students are turning into builders and creators. You can also read the article “Incubating Ideas.” Subscribe to future episodes of the podcast at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube. And, if you’re a podcast listener, please take this quick survey.

Two boys explore a Lego brick exhibit with a model of the SLC temple

Brick by Brick

Lego brick artists share their unique and artistic designs—all with a gospel tie—in an exhibit located on the first floor of BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library. From Lego recreations of paintings of the Savior to model replicas of temples, Brick upon Brick: Creativity in the Making is a tribute to imagination and faith. Get a preview of the free interactive exhibit, which runs through July 20.

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Podcast with BYU President C. Shane Reese

All In Podcast with President Reese

Since becoming BYU president last year, Shane Reese has often spoken of his commitment to follow the guidance of prophets and apostles as he leads BYU. On this recent All In podcast episode, President Reese shares what he believes are the most pressing issues of our time and why he thinks BYU students can change the world. Give it a listen. Prefer to read an opinion piece by President Reese? Check out “America Needs Schools like BYU and Baylor More than Ever.”

Cosmo Cougar and Coach Kevin Young share a Cougar Tail maple bar

Catlike Reflexes

When Cosmo learned that BYU men’s basketball head coach Kevin Young—hard at work hiring coaches and recruiting top athletes—had not yet tried a Cougar Tail, the news gave him, well, pause. And a mission to fulfill. See Coach Young’s reaction to BYU’s maple-frosted confection perfection.

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Coach Diljeet Taylor sits on track bleachers with her arms crossed

Advancing Women’s Sports

Nike has invited Diljeet Taylor, associate director of BYU track and field, to be part of its Athlete Think Tank. While the program is in its third year, this year marks the first time coaches have been included. Learn how Taylor and other coaches and athletes are helping shape the future of women’s sports.

Closeup of BYU runner Meghan Hunter's face and the words Run for Her

From Broken Neck to All American

Just after she committed to BYU, young track star Meghan Hunter broke her neck in a rollover car accident. She spent months healing physically and mentally from the injury and battling PTSD. But Hunter’s resolve to run collegiately didn't waver, and she eventually became a two-time All American. Her incredible comeback earned her a 2024 Honda Inspiration Award nomination. Watch this CBS Sports video to learn more about this BYU athlete’s journey.

A hand sporting a ring with a T and world champions on it

Data for the Win

Meet Will Melville, a computer-science PhD student who helped the Texas Rangers prevent runs and ultimately win the 2023 World Series. Melville’s equations pinpointed opportunities for the team, suggesting slight adjustments that would better position the outfielders to make crucial plays. By his analysis, these changes could prevent 22.5 more runs compared to the MLB average, a calculated risk that proved to be worth taking as it resulted in championship rings for the Rangers.

Brad Owens BYU devotional: Let Us Run with Patience the Race That Is Set Before Us

Run Your Own Race

In his recent BYU devotional, business-ethics professor Brad Owens discussed how in the race of life, we can be strengthened by repenting continually, anticipating adversity, cleaving to covenants, and enduring to the end. Read a summary, watch highlights, or view the full devotional.

Friends to the Karen

Samuel and Valerie Blackburn served Church missions among the Karen people in Minnesota. After studying at BYU, they unexpectedly found themselves back in Minnesota for Samuel’s management-consulting job. There they have continued serving their Karen friends: everything from helping people file their taxes to controlling pests to interpreting at parent-teacher conferences. Read more about the Blackburns.

Lasers or Lava?

Say you are a BYU engineering grad and you find yourself in a boat-sinking contest. Should you launch molten lava or just fire up a military-grade laser? Watch as YouTuber Mark Rober and his nerdy friends take on a series of destruction challenges.

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