A red flame and a dove with the words blessed are the peace makers

How to Disagree Better

Not long after writing an editorial for a local newspaper, Eva Witesman read a stinging rebuttal that she felt entirely misunderstood and mischaracterized her views. “I felt like I needed to do something, to engage and respond,” Witesman remembers. “Every time I sat down to figure out how, truly I would see red.” Eventually a thought broke through. How would Christ have her respond? She realized: “This is an opportunity for me to be the person that I want to become.” So what did she do? In life disagreements are inevitable, but you don’t just have to wing it. Find ways to disagree better from BYU experts who offer research-based and gospel-backed approaches to making peace.

Reclaiming Days for Girls

When Celeste Mergens discovered that girls and women all around the world were missing weeks out of every year due to period poverty, she immediately began looking for solutions, eventually founding the nonprofit Days for Girls. Listen to this Y Magazine podcast episode (or read the article) to learn how the organization is advocating for menstrual health and reaching girls everywhere. Subscribe to future episodes of the Y Magazine podcast at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.

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A close up of a strawberry pie on a table

Easy as Pie

When BYU grad Nicole Winegardner started a recipe blog in 2021, she quickly discovered it was a lonely endeavor. So she asked fellow alumna Andrea Harrison if she wanted to join. Soon they added a website with family-friendly recipes and a cookbook called Simply Pie. Now we can all benefit from their collaboration with this fresh recipe for strawberry pie.

The Perfect Season

With a 13–5 win over no. 14 Utah Valley, the BYU men’s lacrosse team (19-0) recently won the 2024 MCLA National Championship, marking the club team’s sixth title and first undefeated season in program history.

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A view of the BYU campus with trees and Y Mountain in the background

Scenes of Spring

Campus blossomed in all its vernal splendor on the 738-acre BYU campus nestled at the foot of the mountains. Take a moment to enjoy this vibrant video showing the sunny skies, sudden showers, and colorful foliage of this year’s season of renewal and hope.

Truman Scholar Jane Drinkwater leans against a brick wall with the Y in the background

Standout Students

“BYU has continually pushed me out of my comfort zone, both spiritually and academically. Above all, it has helped me discover new ways to serve God’s children and fulfill His plan for my life,” says Jane Drinkwater, a 2024 Truman Scholar. While it’s impossible to recognize every award-winning student, here are some highlights capturing the considerable work and creative capabilities of BYU students this past academic year.

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The BYU Supermileage team poses with their car at a competition

Going the Distance

The BYU Supermileage Team recently took first place in the prototype internal combustion engines division at a competition held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Their vehicle achieved more than 2,300 miles per gallon, beating the second-place entry by more than 600 mpg. The team also won the competition’s technology award. Learn more about impressive BYU student successes here.

BYU track and field athletes behind a podium in front of a crowded chapel

Meeting Before the Meet

Ahead of the BYU track and field program’s outing at the NCAA West Preliminary Round this week, the team participated in a devotional for youth in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Tuesday night. Here are highlights and quotes from the event.

A woman looks at her child's knee as he sits atop a kitchen counter

Our Covenant Bond to God

Many of us feel that we diverge from the ideal of what God wants us to be. But God sees us for who we truly are and loves us unconditionally. As we make covenants, we can create a relationship where we are loved, strengthened, and healed by Heavenly Father as we become more like Him. Watch the latest BYU Speeches Inspiring Short video to discover what the bond between a mother and child can teach us about the comfort of covenant relationships.

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