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Lights on at LaVell Edwards Stadium
The stadium lights shone through the night after BYU lost the first of two national-championship-winning coaches. As 2016 concluded, LaVell Edwards passed away (Dec. 29) and then Carl McGown (Dec. 30). Read tributes from those who loved and respected former Cougar football coach LaVell (aka everyone), including his grandson, former players, and those he worked with. A public memorial is Friday evening. Former BYU volleyball coach Carl McGown’s team won the first of two national championships in 1999. Read why Carl was one of the best volleyball minds ever. His funeral details are here.
Studio C cast
Missed a devo or forum this year? Catch up with summaries of 10 inspiring talks or quickly peruse selected quotes.
19 and older and looking for housing?
BYU animation's short, Papá
These are BYU Today's three most-watched videos from 2016: 1. Papá, the latest short by BYU animation students, 2. the gymnastics team "winning" the mannequin challenge, and 3. Noteworthy's Gloria performance.
Matthew O. Richardson
Don't look away for a second. This collection of images—moments from BYU sports, research epiphanies, special events, remarkable students, and stately buildings—were all expertly caught by BYU photographers.
Liberty Mutual ad, alumni could save up to $519
Cees and Madison Hofman
Was it the new coaching staff, the tabernacle turned temple, the Cougar Olympian who took sixth in the marathon, or a devotional address? Count them down and maybe find a new favorite.
BYU campus costumes 2016
The list of most-read BYU news stories this year has a little bit of everything: an ancient artifact, futuristic technology, bright students, Disney princesses, and a makeover for the Y Mountain Trail.
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