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Origami inspired surgery
Classic origami structures like “chompers” inspired BYU engineers to create mini surgical instruments that can make tiny incisions and allow quicker healing. See the future in this video.
Ty Taysom and Tanner
"This is not Team Taysom or Team Tanner—it's BYU,” said Tanner Mangum after the team's first practice Tuesday. See great pics from the field, or watch players running drills, or read more quotes from new and returning players and coaches. Or get pumped with a rousing new mix of 2015 highlights or a glimpse of the 2016 schedule.
Faith is confidence and trust that moves us to act
The plan of salvation = personal GPS = a safe way back to Heavenly Father. Read or watch Elder Nash's address to learn how to thwart "the potentially disabling impact of doubt” or share his quote from Facebook.
BYU campus winter scene
BYU grad and event-planning junkie Karen Bybee would often take her boys abroad as she worked a World Cup or Olympics. Read about her or other Cougs you should know or submit your own BYU story.
woman donating hair
In eight hours at BYU, 78 women and girls donated their hair to help provide wigs for those who have lost hair due to cancer or other medical conditions. Take a minute to see the good that a new hairdo can do.
Jani Radebaugh illustration
BYU illustration prof Justin Kunz makes some serious coin . . . designs. See five shiny examples
BYU student leaping
There are big smiles, epic leaps, blue signs, and ecstatic selfies in this gallery of future Cougars sharing the excitement of being admitted to BYU.
Planned Giving
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