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Former BYU QB Taysom Hill surveys the blue seats of LaVell Edwards Stadium
Four season-ending injuries later, Taysom Hill just keeps coming back. The fastest QB in BYU history now plays for the Saints, ready to fill any need, even return a kickoff. Watch this thoughtful recap of Taysom's football journey to learn why he says this: “Difficult times can help you become better and move forward, or they can cause you to step backward. It’s how you handle those situations that shows who you can become.”
A sage grouse puffs its chest and struts.
During its incredible chest-pumping dance, the sage grouse makes some wild popping sounds you've got to hear for yourself. This funny, fragile bird has a rare success story, thanks to 20 years of research by BYU faculty and students.
BYU Store's legacy leather bag collection
Erica Birk-Jarvis and her son Jack press cheeks near a jogging path
Mother, student, and All-American runner Erica Birk-Jarvis's typical week includes running at least 50 miles, attending 13 hours of class, and taking care of a new training partner—her 8-month-old son, Jack.
Dust storms swirl on the surface of Titan
Analyzing images sent by the Cassini spacecraft, an international team of scientists, including BYU geology professor Jani Radebaugh, found strong winds transporting dust on Saturn's largest moon. The dust storms there offer insights into Earth's deserts and dunes.
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Elder Gerrit Gong greets a student after a campus devotional
In this week's devotional, Elder Gerrit Gong, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shared lessons that BYU students are learning right now that he anticipates they will be thankful for in the future. Watch highlights or the full address.
Professor Brad Barber shoots a scene from an island hilltop
BYU's beloved mascot/dancing star and the award-winning Cougarettes brought their energy and moves to another fall football game in this performance of "In Your Feelings."
Dancers doing headstands in the rain
There is power in our fingers—power to create and also power to understand, says BYU School of Music professor Claudine Bigelow. In the latest addition to BYU Magazine's Thing of Beauty video series, she shares how she continues the work of her foremothers.
Meher Shaikh in a computer science lab
Meher Shaikh used to be the only female in her computer science classes, but she’s seeing a change. Learn how this mother of four is helping other women succeed and flourish in STEM fields.
Offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes displays a toothy grin beneath his thick mustache
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