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A wide shot of BYU campus in fall colors with the BYU Centennial Carillon (bell tower) in the foreground and Heritage Halls and Y Mountain in the distance.
BYU plans to start the semester on Aug. 31 by offering a hybrid of in-person and remote classes, adjusted for the health and safety of the campus community during the pandemic. Of course, this decision is subject to change depending on trends in disease prevalence and guidance from state and local governments. Here is a video and an infographic with the latest details.
A painting shows President George Washington on a white horse in winter surrounded by soldiers.
In his classic BYU forum address, 1776 author David McCullough explains how a coarse, untrained band of rebels—“rabble in arms”—stood up to the world’s most powerful military force. Hear George Washington’s words to his soldiers in a video excerpt. Text and audio of McCullough’s full address are also available.
My529: Utah’s educational savings plan.
Kindall and Erica Palmer, wearing masks, demonstrate the AdultLife ventilator they developed.
What began as Kindall and Erica Palmer’s BYU student project to save newborns in developing countries is now an FDA-approved ventilator to help COVID-19 patients in the United States and worldwide. The AdultLife Ventilator’s unique mechanical design, which includes an internal air pump and battery power, can be used anywhere, from intensive care units to makeshift hospitals.
A selfie of former BYU football player and pastor Derwin Gray in front of bookshelves.

“As God’s family we are not color-blind; we are color-blessed. God’s family is a diverse and beautiful community of siblings,” says former BYU football great and current pastor Derwin Gray. “It’s time to break bread together, to pull up a chair, and get to know people who aren’t like us.” Read more in this essay from the upcoming BYU Magazine.

3 acre estate lots in the heart of Midway. If you thought it was beautiful from the Provo side, you should see the back!
Bagpipers Jeff and Lizzie McClellan stand on the roof of their Orem home. The distant Y on Y Mountain is indicated with an arrow.
To celebrate the end of spring term and a period of remote learning, BYU student Lizzy McClellan and her father, BYU Publications & Graphics director Jeff McClellan, recorded a bagpipe duet of the Cougar Fight Song. “Rise and Shout: The Home Is Our Campus” features creative at-home re-creations of popular BYU landmarks.
Actor Cooper Sutton touches noses with a camel on the sandy set as he works on the Book of Mormon videos.
In late 2016 BYU acting alum Cooper Sutton received a call from a casting office after a referral from his professors to participate in the upcoming Book of Mormon videos. Sutton was cast as Sam, the son of Lehi, joining more than 100 BYU students and alumni who brought the beloved Book of Mormon stories to life.
This split shot of BYU student Jenae Hyde shows her dressed in army fatigues on the left and a cheerleading outfit on the right.
Last year when the BYU Army ROTC’s Cannon Crew lined up at the north endzone to celebrate a Cougar touchdown with push-ups, a bright white-and-blue cheer uniform appeared among the green army fatigues. Learn how cheerleading tomboy Jenae Hyde joined the ranks of two disparate BYU groups.
A male BYU student wearing a BYUtv tshirt sits at a computer in the AdLab on campus.
Students who work in BYU’s AdLab, a professionally mentored, student-led advertising agency, work on real-life projects for global brands such as Amazon, Gatorade, Nike, and Spotify. Recently they won both an Emmy and an ADDY for their efforts. You can watch their award-winning commercials here.
Linguistics professor Chris Rogers holding a laptop sits in a rustic hut in Guatemals, interviewing Carlos, the last speaker of the Xinkan language, who is wearing headphones.
In 2008 95-year-old Carlos (above) was the only speaker of Guazacapán Xinkan left. So linguistics grad student Chris Rogers went down to Guatemala to learn his language. “I brought a bucket of mangoes, a pen, a paper, and a recorder, and, while we shared a meal, he taught me.” Rogers, now a linguistics professor, later helped to develop workshops and after-school programs so that children in the region could better connect to their cultural history. See why Rogers considers preserving this lost language to be “A Thing of Beauty.”
Jimmer Fredette smiles big while holding two of his children. The family dog looks on.
While hanging at home with his biggest little fans, including his dog George, Jimmer shows off a new trick shot every week: one from a field, another launched backward off a building, and then one bounced from the balcony. Was Jimmer the best BYU athlete ever to wear the number 32? See how the kids of football great Dennis Pitta react when BYU Sports Nation answers the question.
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