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The women's cross country team smile for a photo, each holding trophies, the finish line of the race in the background.
BYU literally ran away with team and individual national championships this week. After finishing in second place last year, women’s cross country won the 2021 NCAA Cross Country Championships by 65 points, garnering the program’s fifth national title and its first since 2003. See the video or the photo-packed recap. Other national champs this week: Conner Mantz took first in the men’s cross country 10K; the BYU track and field women’s distance medley relay team won the program’s first national title in their event; and Courtney Wayment won the women’s 3000m.
Head coach Mark Pope in a blue suit and blue tie yells and claps during a game. The words Slam Dunk appear at right.
Nobody is more excited for March basketball than men’s head coach Mark Pope, especially with his team’s No. 6 seed in the 2021 NCAA Tournament and a first-round contest with either UCLA or Michigan. Read about Coach Pope’s boundless enthusiasm and how he is quickly—and not quietly—making his presence known. Then fill out your bracket and get ready to watch as the men play Saturday in Indiana. The women’s tourney begins Monday as BYU (No. 11 seed) faces Rutgers (No. 6).
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Lavendar crocus bulbs emerge from the soil and melting snow and begin to bloom.

BYU nursing professor Julie Valentine articulates the turning point of her career, which led her to dedicate her life to helping survivors of sexual assault. In her work she uses the symbol of a crocus flower to help her patients heal, move forward, and eventually thrive.

Three students study at tables in front of a mural of Martin's Cove in BYU's Heritage Halls.
In the activity room on each floor of each BYU Heritage Halls building, a large mural highlights a Church history site, sharing views and insights into significant places and people. Stories of early Saints inspire today’s students, offering a lasting connection to the heritage they share as latter-day disciples of Jesus Christ. View this online history tour of places and events featured on Heritage Halls walls, which includes Fayette, Nauvoo, Preston, and Deseret.
Eight animated planets with faces and personality. The Planet Song.
Have you heard “The Planet Song?” If not, you’re going to adore Pluto’s sad solo. And the clever musical progression while naming Mars, Venus, etc. will absolutely get stuck in your head. Somewhere between Schoolhouse Rock (cute animation) and Hamilton (check out Jupiter rapping), Hopscotch Songs on YouTube features the winning wife-husband combo of education grad Joanna Pace and music alum Matt Pace. From earth science to phonics to counting by 7s, learn something and sing along with the kids (or grandkids).
Janalee Emmer of BYU’s Museum of Art stands in front of an art piece by Gabriel Dawe titled Plexus No. 29.
“Faith that is tested, wounded, but here is a powerful, transformative kind of faith,” says Janalee Emmer of BYU’s Museum of Art. “That kind of faith recognizes that because we look through a glass darkly, we will still have questions. It is a faith that coexists with questions and paradoxes. It is a faith that has battle scars but also enduring resonance.” Enjoy highlights from her March 9 devotional, then read or watch the full address.
A hoop dancer performs in a public space in China at night. He is surrounded by a crowd taking pictures and cheering.
Since 1960, thousands of BYU students in BYU’s music and dance ensembles have performed in locations from Australia to Zimbabwe. These globe-trotting groups have enjoyed personal interactions with myriad cultures and logged countless hours of inspiring-learning activities. Read about and watch some of their greatest moments during the past decade of performance tours.
This two-tone blue graphic says Congratulations to the 2020 True Blue Chapters! BYU Alumni.
Congratulations to the 52 alumni chapters that achieved True Blue status in 2020—including three first-timers! With hundreds of activities and thousands of alumni and friends involved, these chapters showed that BYU is Connected for Good—even (and especially) in a pandemic. True Blue Chapters are recognized at the annual Alumni Chapter Leadership Conference and receive a cash incentive to keep building their chapter and giving Alumni Replenishment Grants to students from the chapter. Find or start a chapter and get connected today.
The BYU Singers and some stringed instrumentalists perform in the de Jong Concert Hall of the Harris Fine Arts Center.
Wearing resonance masks has enabled the BYU Singers to continue sharing soul-lifting music. Their performance of “Deep Peace,” composed by Elaine Hagenberg, was recorded Feb. 12 as part of the annual Winter Choirfest, livestreamed from the de Jong Concert Hall of the Harris Fine Arts Center.
Calyann Barnett dressed in white and sporting pink hair says I can either believe or I can continue to be a skeptic.
You may have read about the conversion story of Calyann Barnett, stylist to NBA star Dwyane Wade, in Marriott Alumni Magazine. Now, you can watch this detailed narrative from the Church, featuring extensive interviews with Barnett and BYU grad Clarke Miyasaki, who introduced her to the gospel.
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