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BYU senior basketball player Yoeli Childs eyes the rim just before emphatically making a two handed dunk in BYU's last home game of the season.
You might have already seen these highlights of the big win over Gonzaga. Or scrolled through the photo essay. Or witnessed the suit-ruining locker room celebration. But have you eyeballed this cool video recap on Twitter? Or dug into the Deep Blue profiles of Yoeli Childs, TJ Haws, Jake Toolson, Zac Seljaas, Alex Barcello, Dalton Nixon, or Gavin Baxter? Be sure to watch some film before the men start WCC tournament play on Monday night. And don’t forget that the No. 3–seeded women begin their journey tourney in Las Vegas Saturday at 3 (PDT).
Wearing a dark suit and bright blue tie, BYU devotional speaker Elder M. Russell Ballard raises his left hand to wave to the audience assembled at the Marriott Center.
President M. Russell Ballard spoke at Tuesday’s devotional, inviting students and others “to look deep in your souls and ask how you can fulfill your purpose of being a child of God by loving the Lord and loving your neighbor more faithfully than you have ever done before.” Watch a highlight video, the complete address, or read a recap.
Utah's educational savings plan. Avoid the madness of college debt. A plan for any bracket.
With a wintry backdrop of mountains, a cylindrical part of a new telescope is shown being lowered to the top of the Eyring Science Center.
Take a good look at the skies. That’s the idea with this new 24-inch telescope recently observed hovering above the Eyring Science Center. See more views of this terrestrial object landing safely on campus.
A middle-age faculty mentor is shown speaking to a young, beaming female BYU student.
With more first-generation college students than ever, BYU is launching an initiative to pair them with employees—allies who have had similar educational experiences. See how this mentoring can help new students find their way.
Insurance options for alumni year-round. Spring into savings on coverage for dental, vision, auto, life, and more. The | The ALumni Insurance Program.
Who will win sweet victory? is the text accompanying art of BYU ice cream, mint truffle, chocolate-covered cinnamon bear, chocolate milk, Cougar tail, fudge, Y Sparkle, mint brownie, and Cougar Crunch.
The battle of the elite BYU treats starts March 6. Will it be chocolate milk, mint brownies, Cougar Crunch, or BYU Store fudge? Or could a Cinderella snack be enjoyed by the first 300 attendees at the big BYU Alumni party on April 8? Get your picks in by voting twice a week on Facebook or Instagram.
BYU student Jonah Hoskins is pictured, singing with his mouth open and arms outstretched in front of an orchestra. Photo by
BYU vocal performance senior Jonah Hoskins was one of five winners of the 2020 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. Learn more about Hoskins and what this distinction means for his career.
This black and white photo shows BYU swimmer Gwen Gustafson moving forward underwater in a tiled pool, a stream of bubbles trailing.
In this photo essay, sophomore swimmer Gwen Gustafson shares her experiences pushing through difficulties and sticking with her passion for swimming. Read—and see—how she found her place at BYU and even met her unexpected fiancé.
This example of Futura demonstrates how the font accompanied a diagram of an Apollo spacecraft detailing the launch escape system, boost protective cover, command module, service module, and measurements like 82 and 364 feet.
Most Futura users have never considered that the font is a storyteller, with a unique place in history. “For me, Futura is beautiful because it’s an echo of the ethos of its day,” says design professor Doug Thomas in this recent addition to BYU Magazine’s “Thing of Beauty” series.
Young male soccer players kick a ball across light-green turf.
You know the drill: When it’s your turn, you bring juice and a sugary snack to replenish the calories burned by your child’s soccer team. Whether you love or hate the tradition, new research shows that kids are consuming many more calories than they are burning on the field.
Podcaster Zachary Davis talks with a group of 8 students seated on the front steps of an Ivy League campus building.
“For storytelling and narrative, I think audio is a superior medium,” says Ministry of Ideas host and BYU alum Zachary Davis. Believing that educational podcasting heralds a new age of audio, he offers advice for new podcasters.
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