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Provo's New Groove
BYU's hometown is topping rankings galore. Read about the revitalized city center and burgeoning business environment boosting Provo's mojo, then check out artists who've helped build the vibrant local music scene.
Hot Wheels
BYU engineering students designed and built a kid-friendly motorized wheelchair that costs and weighs a fraction of other chairs. See it in action.
Lexi's Miracle
An accident left Lexi Hansen with a 1 percent chance of survival. Read about her inspiring recovery, and watch the story of the unlikely friendship she formed along the way.
CSI: Crime-Scene Innovation
Alum Jared Bradley's cutting-edge forensic tool is helping investigators solve crimes around the world. Find out why the M-Vac is a DNA-collection game changer.
BYU Grad, Marathon Champion
Just before leaving BYU with a master's degree, Jared Ward became the U.S. marathon champ. Learn how a frustrating NCAA ruling ultimately helped lead him to victory. 

Score a Mother's Day Epic Win

Want to spoil the moms in your life this Sunday? Forget breakfast in bed: take over dinner with help from BYU Magazine. Try herb-crusted chicken or chicken rolls, with pasta poppy-seed salad for a side. Then satisfy her sweet tooth with decadent chocolate cupcakes.
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