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The words Sweet Memories accompany a closeup of moist, gooey, carmelitas with melted chocolate chips and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

In the past year, many Y Magazine readers worked to improve their culinary skills by trying a BYU grad’s recipes for carmelitas, a chocolate souffle, and hot chocolate. This, while thinking about winning eating strategies and how to become wiser consumers of information, sifting facts from fakes.

The BYU engineering students test their water filtration device at the campus duck pond.

Here are a few of the many videos that caught viewers’ attention in 2022: Vocal Point beatboxer Alex Brown riffing about his stutter, an Insta reel showing how Cougar Tails are frosted, the 60-second BYU commercial that shared the best kind of light, and these ads that show how BYU benefits the world. For more check out this list of BYU’s top research and innovation videos.

A collage of images illustrating the many news stories produced by BYU in 2022.

What do elk, nuclear reactors, and quirky Utah phrases have in common? They’re all in the top 10 BYU news stories of 2022. Take a look at the breadth and depth of research and academic work happening on and beyond the BYU campus.

A light blue background with a podium with the text BYU Speeches 2022 Year in Review.

In the past year BYU hosted more than 40 speakers in campus forums, devotionals, and conferences. Watch this video to review their key messages. You can also check out the full version of each address on the BYU Speeches website. Also, don’t miss the two most-watched devotionals of 2022, one in January by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and another in April by religion professor Anthony Sweat.

An aerial drone image of the curving walkways and roads of north campus in the snow.

BYU’s award-winning photographers (students included) recently shared their favorite images from last year. Enjoy this collection of pictures captured on campus and around the globe.

A graphic showing a US map and BYU alumni demographics like employers, degree earned, and age distribution.

By far, more BYU Today readers—like you—visited this interactive map than any other single item shared in the 2022 emails. Thousands more clicked through to learn more about BYU animation winning another student Emmy, to view a performance of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” by BYU Vocal Point, to see Kalani Sitake dancing with his daughter, and to get the details on the new Arts Building.

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