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Rendering of new engineering building
1. BYU breaks ground on a new engineering building today. Watch the progress on these construction cameras. 2. BYU is purchasing Provo High School. Guessing its future is now a popular Cougar pastime. 3. Road crews are working on the final phase of the Campus Drive redesign.
Women's rugby team first championship try

BYU competed for three national championships on Saturday. In the end men's volleyball lost to Ohio State, women's rugbyofficially a BYU team this yearfell to Penn State, and men's rugby lost a nail-biter to California. One hope remains this week: men's lacrosse plays Oregon State in round 1 of the national tourney tonight.

Opera diva Rebecca Pedersen
Despite her partial hearing loss, recent grad and Met Opera contest winner Rebecca Pedersen is now off to sing at Juilliard. Watch highlights, hear high notes, and behold her magic helmet!
To truly love others, we have to vecome vulnerable in new ways.
How can you overcome fear and perfectionism? What can you do when something causes you to question? How can you keep your thoughts clean? Find answers to nine questions addressed in recent BYU devotionals, or share this and other quotes on Facebook.
Adele missionary parody
Two elders, played by RM BYU students, lament as they approach doors and sing “Hello from the other side” in this video with 1.4 million views. Fair warning: it will stick in your head.
Grads posing by Brigham statue
Last month 5,948 students received degrees. Step into virtual graduation scenes with this dizzying 360-degree video. Or see grads posing with signs and statues or ringing the victory bell in dozens of professional or student photos.
Robot foosball table
Think you can school a robot? Good luck. Even the computer engineering students who created this game are pushed to their human limits.
Jared Shores
Five years ago, Jared Shores had low expectations when Matt Meese asked him to check out the characters in a Divine Comedy troupe. What happened next is BYU comedy history.
Ammon Lego scene
Can you name this Book of Mormon scene? Guess this one and 10 more gospel scenes built from Legos, then learn how how BYU alum Steven J. Van Wagenen and his boys build up their scripture knowledge in creative ways.
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