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Homecoming 2017 founder LaVell Edwards

Homecoming is here, and it's a week to remember. Enjoy this video tribute to LaVell Edwards from Tuesday's opening ceremony or read why LaVell is dubbed "Father Edwards" in BYU Magazine. Then plan your Homecoming with this helpful video and the complete schedule of Homecoming events, including Spectacular!, Friday's 8:15 MDT game against BSU, and Saturday's 10 a.m. parade.

Why is BYU called the Y?

The origin of BYU's 380-foot middle initial on the mountain east of campus reaches back 111 years. Here's the 60-second video history lesson. And, if you'd prefer to go deep, here's everything you never knew about BYU’s beloved symbol on high.

Nike Coach's Hats
You can take with you only what you have become.

In his recent devotional, Richard J. Maynes invited his listeners to shape their lives with service, compassion, and charity as Christ did. He also invited students to download the Church's JustServe app and lend a helping hand on their "next date." Watch his entire speech or view the highlight reel.

Dave and Claire Crosby perform on The Voice.
Grad Dave Crosby, father of 4-year-old YouTube star Claire, advanced on the season premiere of NBC's singing competition The Voice. After her dad turned the chairs of three judges, Claire got a moment in the spotlight. Find out which team Dave chose.
8 passengers YouTube family
When BYU engineering assistant professor Kevin Franke recently headed off to study an earthquake in Mexico, what was his family in Utah up to? In one day, more than 270,000 viewers had gone online to find out. They're among the millions of YouTube viewers who view the daily adventures of the 8 passengers in the Franke family. Their most popular videos have titles like "Baby Climbs Out of Crib," "Tooth Pulled without Novocaine," and "Abby's First Kiss."
BYU Spectacular! with Kristin Chenoweth
Lindsey Stirling on Dancing with the Stars
Hip-hop violinist, BYU grad, and YouTube success Lindsey Stirling is sparkling in primetime as a contestant on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. After Stirling's energetic salsa performance, one judge said, “That showgirl is a firecracker!” Watch as she and dance partner Mark Ballas perform a "caterpillar quickstep," which Stirling said was inspired by her battle with depression.
Big Lang at BYU
What could you do with a few hundred billion words? Disney, Netflix, and even Chief Justice John Roberts understand the power of massive word databases and are paying attention to the work of BYU word-mining professor Mark Davies.
Biblical tabernacle replica at BYU

Look what went up last month on a quad at BYU. It's a replica of the biblical tabernacle, the portable temple constructed at Mount Sinai. It will remain between the Eyring Science Center and the McKay Building through Oct. 29.

New BYUtv series Extinct
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