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7 Days Till Kickoff, a bunch of BYU and Utah football players all in a pile as a ref runs up looking a little confused.
The BYU vs. Utah football game is just a week away, and BYUtv Sports has 10 reasons BYU will defeat Utah. Here’s one: Zach Wilson at quarterback. Need some convincing? Get a peek into practice with Wilson mic’d up. Don’t miss this epic matchup; alumni can get discounted tickets here by using promo code BYUALUMNI.
Taysom Hill runs while clutching a football during the Saints vs. Chargers game.
In a preseason game against the Chargers, the Saints were down 3-17. Enter backup QB Taysom Hill. The former BYU great sparked the Saints’ comeback, leading the team in both passing and rushing en route to a dramatic 19–17 win.
The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith. If You Build It We Will Come. 1) You build an audience of 50 or more 2) You tell us which theater you want 3) We'll bring you our movie on Sep 16 anywhere in the U.S.! Email inquiries now to
A man yells at a digital assistant device.

Do you become impatient when Siri or Alexa or Google doesn’t understand you the first time? BYU information-systems professors wanted to know how our conversations with digital assistants affect our human interactions. Find out what they discovered.

A wildlife management student holds an eagle that is sticking its tongue out.
Can humans and wildlife coexist and thrive? This summer BYU wildlife-management students worked alongside U.S. Army colleagues to monitor the health, critical habitats, and migration patterns of golden eagles, kestrels, and other wildlife at Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground.
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Gary E. Stevenson addresses a crowd in the Marriott Center.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson kicked off Education Week with a Ted Talk–like devotional where he discussed his studies on the small, but important, events leading up to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the gospel.

Planting Seeds by Adam Koford. A comic shows two brothers walking by the Tanner Building devising a game where they make ridiculous claims.

Adam Koford’s was. Or so he said. Loudly. In the hallway while passing by open BYU classrooms. Adam and his brother used to play a game of making wild statements to confuse and shock those in earshot. Check out the full story, told through comic.

BYU Spectacular! features Ben Rector with Hilary Weeks. Buy tickets.
La Donna Forsgren stands in front of a tree with her husband and four children.
As a joke, La Donna Forsgren called a phone number at 3 a.m. after seeing an ad for a free copy of the Book of Mormon on TV. What she didn’t expect was two missionaries arriving at her door. That call eventually led to conversion, an eternal marriage, a beautiful family, and a professorship at Notre Dame University.
Alum Mark Rober swimming with a cut on his fingers. A shark swims closeby in the background.
BYU ranks No. 2 in the country for social media engagement on Twitter, according to the Higher Ed Social Media Report. The report also ranks BYU No. 6 overall for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook—BYU’s third year in the top 10. Join BYU on Twitter @BYU or Instagram @brighamyounguniversity.
Olga Stoddard smiles while she stands outside with her arms folded.
Olga Stoddard, a BYU economics professor, found a simple way to increase diversity in the workplace. By clearly expressing that they value diversity in messages sent to prospective applicants, companies can more than double the number of racial minority candidates for jobs.
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