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BYU alumna Linda Furuto stands ankl-deep in the ocean in Hawaii
Using the stars and mathematics as her guide, BYU alumna Linda Furuto sails across the world’s oceans. As she does, she teaches wayfinding and ethnomathematics. Read more of Furuto’s story and hear some lessons she’s learned about sailing with the Master Navigator.
Christian Faulconer and Loralee Gardiner.
BYU admissions is shifting focus away from grades and checkboxes and taking a more holistic look at applicants. In a BYU Magazine article, executive director of enrollment services Christian Faulconer and director of admissions LoraLee Gardiner explain the reasons for the changes.
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Hillary Weeks standing in front of an old wooden barn.

Get ready for the upcoming BYU Spectacular! by learning more about one of its star performers, Hillary Weeks. Weeks studied music at BYU then went on to catch the attention of listeners worldwide. Learn more about the vocalist’s Alaskan upbringing, her time at BYU, and her music career.

BYU football players practicing at Fall Camp.
The football Cougs are in their second week of fall camp, prepping for the season opener vs. Utah on Aug. 29. Read how the team is shaping up, look back at the Cougars’ win at Wisconsin or bowl-game highlights from last year, then enter to win two tickets to the Utah game.
BYU Spectacular! features Ben Rector with Hilary Weeks. Buy tickets.
Three BYU researchers on a boat using a large pole to take measurements of Utah Lake.

BYU researchers are studying the harmful toxins that result from algal blooms in Utah Lake. After taking samples of phosphorous-laden sediment, the team proposed ways to clean up the lake.

A living room with a BYU rug, BYU chairs, and navy couches.

There are BYU fans, and then there is this. Take a Twitter tour of the home of a superfan. Bedecked floor to ceiling in BYU blue, the house features Cougar-themed decor, kitchen stools, clocks, and even a shower with a custom Y tile pattern.

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A close-up look at a worm-like nematode.
A study coauthored by a BYU biology professor revealed that for every one human, there are 57 billion nematodesmicroscopic wormsmaking them the most abundant animal species on earth. The study showed how these organisms—which make up four-fifths of all animal lifecould be important in understanding and addressing climate change.
Alum Mark Rober swimming with a cut on his fingers. A shark swims closeby in the background.
BYU alum and YouTuber Mark Rober set out to answer yet another scientific question: can sharks really smell a single drop of blood? Learn the answer and watch Rober dive into shark-infested waters. Bonus: watch another grad unbox a venomous snake (not everything goes according to plan . . . ).
Monique McDown takes a step as her mom holds out her arm to help her if she needs it.
A year after being partially paralyzed from a hit-and-run crash on her mission in Brazil, BYU student Monique McDown is walking again. The video of her first steps has reached thousands as McDown’s story and faith have inspired viewers around the world.
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