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A VW supercar parked next to the world's largest lemon-powered battery
Former NASA engineer, mechanical engineering grad, and YouTube big shot Mark Rober is at it again. Tasked with powering VW's electric supercar up Pike's Peak, Rober turns to the old citrus-centered science fair experiment. When that plan goes sour, he decides to harness the power of family—and a zipline—to create the necessary juice.
Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
In his classic BYU forum address, 1776 author David McCullough explains how a coarse, untrained band of rebels—“rabble in arms”—stood up to the world’s most powerful miltary force. Hear George Washington's words to his soldiers in this new video excerpt. Text and audio of McCullough's full address are also available.
Summit Creek, quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community
Portraits of BYU football player JJ Nwigwe and dancer Danielle Ashby
For the second time, the University Photographers’ Association of America named BYU photographer Nate Edwards the national photographer of the year. Explore this gallery of eye-catching shots.
A baby in hospital blankets with mom
Here's a happy ending that began more than four years ago in a disreputable Haitian orphanage known for selling children out the back door. Read, in grad Tim Ballard's own words, how Colin and Coline now complete the Ballard family. Then see Colin's reaction when he saw the Y on the mountain during his first trip to campus just weeks ago.
The 2018 Gameday Tee $10
Photo of new UVU president Astrid Tuminez
The 2018 football media day highlighted former BYU players including Jamaal Williams and Fred Warner, explored team expectations with head coach Kalani Sitake, and announced the addition of a gameday app and Wi-Fi in LaVell Edwards Stadium. Get prepped for fall with a list of everything football.
Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, appears in Today Show report
After three semesters at BYU, Tiffany Ottley felt prompted to go back home. “It was one of the weirdest impressions I had ever received,” says Ottley. “I mean, who leaves BYU to find their spouse?” Read about this grad's non-traditional approach to completing her degree, including how she earned a second-degree black belt while battling cancer.
Napoleon Dynamite magazine cover made of tater tots
ESPN960 radio hosts Ben Criddle and Jake Kuresa interview Steve Carlston, who explains why NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens was repping the Y.
Cosmo leans in and displays a No. 1 sign
Now that you know the man behind the mask, be sure to go see him in person—or in cat. Cosmo is coming to a (Utah) park near you from now until August 15.
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