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Generation Y
BYU attracts top-notch students and churns out high-achieving alumni, including rock stars, scientists, Olympians, comedians, and political leaders. Watch a national promo spotlighting some of our standouts. Play clip
Meet a Master of Imagination
Artist and alum James Christensen is helping BYU celebrate the arts at Homecoming. See a gallery of his fanciful work, and get tickets to watch him at Spectacular, Oct. 16–17.
Do You Have a Favorite Child?
In some families kids who feel less favored than their siblings are more likely to participate in risky behaviors, but BYU researchers have tips to improve your family's odds.
Don't Mean to Boast, But . . .
Need some quick stats on your alma mater for watercooler bragging rights? BYU is first, fourth, sixth, and seventh. Among our quirkier rankings, we're first, first, and third.
Digging Deep
Led by two-sport star Jennifer Hamson and powerhouse Alexa Gray, women's volleyball—10th in the NCAA rankings—is firing up fans in the Smith Fieldhouse.
Campus in Costume
Come to campus in a few weeks and you might run into Captain Kirk, Alice in Wonderland, or Sherlock Holmes. Check out a gallery of last year's Halloween-costume highlights, and find out which BYU employee made an uncanny Lincoln.
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Plan Your Homecoming Week
Reunite at '74, '84, and '94 Class Reunions
Explore Hindu Culture and Belief at the MOA
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