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The words Loving Like Christ, accompanied by a tree illustration.

Long before Niwako Yamawaki became a BYU psychology professor, she was “a 14-year-old girl raised in a predominantly non-Christian country” who found it difficult “to truly feel and grasp what God’s love was.” Read this beautifully illustrated depiction of her journey of faith and how she discovered ways to understand, endure, and even appreciate life’s painful experiences.

Spanish lit professor John Rosenberg holds up a book in front of multiple library shelves.
For Spanish-literature professor John Rosenberg, life is a pilgrimage—a journey to find meaning and connect deeply with God and others. Watch this new inspiring short video for an example of how this principle plays out, especially along the nearly 500 miles of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.
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A smiling Steve Young, in a light blue shirt, sits with his hands folded.
Having dealt with separation and pre-performance anxiety for much of his life, BYU grad and NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young shares his experiences and encourages anyone with similar challenges to seek help.
Julie Valentine gives a devotional address, a field of flowers displayed on a screen in the background.
In a recent devotional, Julie Valentine, associate dean of the College of Nursing, spoke on our duty as children of God to use our strength and influence for good. Read, watch, or listen to her inspiring address. Also, learn why the crocus flower has come to symbolize healing and renewal for Valentine.
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The BYU Singers perform in a concert hall, their conductor and a piano in the foreground.
Enjoy this reverent rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer (from Trinity Service)” by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, as performed by the BYU Singers. You can watch more concert videos on the BYU Singers’ YouTube channel.
A photo composite of all of the singers of BYU Noteworthy, each standing in front of the same microphone stand.
When your love extends from the highest mountain to the deepest river, you can’t help but sing about it. Check out BYU Noteworthy’s music video, with clever visuals and a high-energy a cappella cover of Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High.”
A photo of wild rice and creamy goat cheese stuffing in a white bowl.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, BYU grad Mel Gunnell—whose blog Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is read by thousands of foodies each month—shares recipes for Wild Rice and Creamy Goat Cheese Stuffing as well as Roasted Garlic and White Bean Chili.
BYU guard Alex Barcello dribbles the ball by an Oregon defender.
Senior guard Alex Barcello scored 25 points as BYU men’s basketball dealt No. 12 Oregon a resounding 81–49 defeat in the Phil Knight Invitational, becoming the first unranked team to beat a top-15 team away from home by 30-plus points since 1993. “We’re super excited about the result tonight,” said BYU head coach Mark Pope. “I thought it was a great effort as a group. We’re excited to keep trying to get better.” Fans were also super excited as they lined up in the wee hours to congratulate the conquering Cougars at the Provo Airport.
Viz Muniz, Toy Soldier, from the Monads Series, chromogenic print, 93.1 × 75.5, 2003, Courtesy of the artist.
At first glance this work of art might seem like a joke: a soldier made of toy soldiers? But take a closer look by reading this story and perhaps you’ll discover a deeper meaning about war and division. This playful, thoughtful, approach is typical of Vik Muniz, a contemporary Brazilian artist known for re-creating famous images with unconventional materials, from garbage and sugar to diamonds and caviar. Preview the artwork—including a PB&J Mona Lisa—in this clever BYU Museum of Art exhibition or see it in person before it closes on Nov. 27.
BYU animation presents Salt, an animated short film that depicts a mother and daughter in Senegal, Africa, who harvest salt by day and enjoy music by night.
If you prefer no talking at the movies, then this all-new animated short created by BYU Animation’s class of 2020 is perfect. Without any dialogue, Salt tells the tale of a mother and daughter in Senegal who harvest pink salt from the sea by day and play music at night. Take six minutes to enjoy this vibrant story of family, culture, and finding joy in every moment.
We invite you to join the BYU Knight Society. Jim and Sandy Cook, Chairs Lodi, California. Follow link for details.
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