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A detail from Norman Rockwell’s painting of civil rights icon Ruby Bridges
“We know there is work to do, on campus and throughout the nation, for us to better come together, to address injustice and to truly love one another,” says BYU president Kevin J Worthen in his message following the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others. In a recent op-ed, J. Spencer Fluhman, director of BYU’s Neal A. Maxwell Institute, expresses hope that “new forms of community and holiness await on the other side of the struggle.” Also, you can read the thoughts of BYU professors reflecting on race relations in response to Norman Rockwell’s painting of civil rights icon Ruby Bridges (detail above). Finally, watch what former BYU football player and current pastor Derwin Gray says our community’s next step should be.
BYU Vocal Point and Peter Hollens stand in a grassy area bathed in golden sunshine.
Chart-topping BYU a cappella group Vocal Point recently paid tribute on CNN International to those who have lost their lives to coronavirus. And they just released an all-new album. Their latest cover is “The Climb,” featuring Peter Hollens. Also, check out Vocal Point’s other recent collaboration with Hollens: “Prince of Egypt.”
My529: Utah’s educational savings plan.
Steve Young chats with viewers about thoughtful leadership.
When he retired from football, former BYU great and NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young was the highest-rated quarterback in NFL history, the only signal caller in league annals to win four consecutive passing titles. Now he serves as chairman of the board for five companies. He talks about life lessons learned both on the field and in the boardroom in this recent BYU Management Society Global Webinar.
Dramatic lab shot of two researchers working with computers and other equipment.

In a new interdisciplinary study, five BYU professors and five students have discovered the specific functional differences caused by a gene mutation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The lab study represents the next step toward more effective treatments for patients diagnosed with the neurodegenerative illness.

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The words squirrel ninja obstacle course sit atop a photo with a red circle highlighting a squirrel climbing over a rope ladder.
For former NASA engineer, BYU mechanical engineering grad, and YouTuber Mark Rober, working at home meant creating a workout for four resident rodents. Meet Rick, Marty, Frank, and Phantastic Gus and enjoy their puzzle-solving and acrobatic skills as they pursue a nutty reward.
An image of a lush green landscape with palms, a river, and island mountains.
Dreaming of the day when you can travel to distant climes? Until then, take a calming journey with this highlight reel of the planet’s natural beauty, created by visual storyteller and extreme-sports lover Devin Graham, aka devinsupertramp. This alum’s latest YouTube channel Visual Escape offers even more global visuals with chill music to play in the background while you’re working.
An image showing five of the leaders who will speak at June's online Religious Freedom Annual Review June 17-19 from 10-11 a.m.: David A. Bednar, Alaa Murabit, Mike O. Leavitt, Kyrsten Sinema, and Mike Lee.,
Find common ground and start important conversations about diversity. This year’s topic is “Religious Freedom in the COVID-19 Era: Finding Community and Hope.” Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is the keynote speaker for the free digital event June 17–19.
A split image shows campus tour carts parked in a garage (upper left) and a parent and prospective student looking at a computer screen (lower right).
The campus carts are parked in the Hinckley Center garage as in-person campus tours are temporarily closed due to COVID-19. But prospective students can still take a campus tour. BYU Admissions is pleased to offer a virtual tour with a trained tour guide to show prospective students the beauty of campus and to introduce them to the BYU experience. Students may register for a virtual campus tour at
A first edition of the Book of Mormon. Photo by Nate Edwards.
“It was really an extraordinary coincidence,” Carolyn Ingersoll recalled of that lucky first Book of Mormon find she and her husband, William, made in a Baltimore antique shop in the 1970s. There began their rare collection, which features several copies of the 1830 edition and first editions of the Book of Mormon in all 149 translations, including a rare 1855 Hawaiian edition. Because of their family’s love for the collection, the Ingersolls decided to give it away to BYU and bless the lives of generations of students, including their own grandchildren.
Lindsey Stirling and 5 dancers are all dressed in white dresses with white headscarves. Lindsey is holding a violin, all others hold white umnbrellas
In addition to her latest video, “Sleepwalking,” YouTube star and BYU grad Lindsey Stirling has been collaborating with popular musical artists Gabby Barrett, JP Saxe, Julia Michaels, Amy Lee, Andy Grammer, and R3HAB in her “String Sessions” series.
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