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Dear Friends: We’re thrilled to celebrate with the more than 8,100 new BYU grads this month! We welcome you to our ever-enlarging family of alumni and look forward to hearing about your adventures as we all go forth to serve. —Jonathan Hafen, BYU Alumni Association President

Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine with 4 Cougarettes with pom-poms and text reading Leading Ladies
Not long after cheering up the cover of Dance Spirit, the Cougarettes added two more national dance championships to their title total—now 19 since 1997. Learn how the Cougarettes have earned their success and watch their award-winning performances in both jazz and hip-hop.
Two graduatese sitting on a bench in caps and gowns
BYU’s commencement exercises, now a single event honoring all students graduating during the academic year, will take place April 25. Elder Patrick Kearon is scheduled to speak, and best-selling author and BYU-briefcase-toting social scientist Arthur C. Brooks will receive an honorary doctorate.
BYU Adventure for Youth: June 2019 in Moab, Utah
Noteworthy singing on redrock
BYU’s female a cappella group, Noteworthy, celebrates the 15th anniversary of its formation with a touching performance of “I Can Only Imagine.” Since it began in 2004, Noteworthy has won the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, produced 17 music videos, and released 6 albums.
Mark Pope and text saying Welcome Back Coach
BYU recently introduced Mark Pope as the new head coach for mens basketball. Pope’s coaching career includes being an assistant coach at Georgia, Wake Forest, and BYU, and, most recently, four years as the head coach at Utah Valley University.
BYU Store, mission coins: solid metal, gold plated, hand painted. Shop now.
BYU Maeser building in springtime
In response to student concerns about the Honor Code Office, the office’s director, Kevin Utt, met with many students in recent weeks. He shared answers to some of the most common questions in this Q&A.
Alumna Anna Hodge
Alumna Anna Hodge undertook the grueling challenge of becoming an Army Ranger, having to try, try, try, try, try . . . and then try again. Trailblazing the way for others, Hodge became the first female BYU grad and only the 15th woman ever to graduate from Army Ranger School.
close-up of woman's eye
A new BYU study looked at the pupils’ reaction to stressors in order to research the benefits of relationships. When subjects took a difficult test, those with a hand-holding spouse present were measured as having a decreased stress level. Read more here.
3 BYU researchers squatting next to the toilet they invented
These BYU physicists have invented a vacuum-assisted toilet that’s half as loud as a typical airplane toilet. The team has already filed three patents and is working to bring the invention to the market.
Picture of bird with mouth open in the middle of singing
A BYU team of researchers looked down the throats of birds, trying to understand how they evolved to have a syrinx—a uniquely avian feature they use for singing—rather than just a larynx, which they use to make other sounds. What they found was surprising.
Alum Jared Ward running at the front in the Boston Marathon
Former BYU track star and Olympian Jared Ward finished eighth at the Boston Marathon, setting a personal record with a time of 2:09:25—two minutes better than his time in the 2016 Olympics. The BYU stats professor’s time qualifies him for the 2020 summer games in Tokyo.
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