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Coach Dave Rose signals time out
Coach Rose has advanced to the third round of the ESPN Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge. You can vote every day on each of your devices. Coach's winnings in each round go to benefit cancer research at BYU. Take time out to vote.
Noteworthy performers silhouetted on a pink background
BYU's all-female a cappella group, Noteworthy, delivers a jazzy, soulful performance of Michael Bublé's big-band classic "Feeling Good."
Largest selection of nativities at Deseret Book
Two 2018 Olympics tiger stuffed animals
Time magazine turned to a BYU history professor and student to explore why the 2018 Winter Olympic mascot is Soohorang the Tiger.
Mark Rober with his ginormous Nerf gun
Meet a handful of alumni making big names for themselves on YouTube. Watch a quick overview or a popular video from each.
Only by uniting our voices and actions to assist victims and to promote respect for others can we help to end sexual violence. —Benjamin M. Ogles
In a recent devotional Benjamin M. Ogles, dean of the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, shared a message of healing and hope for sexual-assault victims. Watch, read, or listen to his timely address.
Erin Bylund with a grumpy young actor in a chicken suit
Any of the kids who attend Erin Bylund’s free drama camp will tell you the chicken costume is crucial. Read about Bylund and 49 other alumni improving their communities in ways large and small.
Student section at the BYU Gonzaga basketball game
BYU men's basketball wraps up their regular season at home on Feb. 24 with a huge rivalry game against Gonzaga. Enter the drawing for two lower-bowl tickets, courtesy of BYU athletics.
BYU Spectacular! with Kristin Chenoweth
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