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Best Burger in Utah
There are a lot of burgers out there, but BYU happens to be home to one of the best. The Wall's signature burger won Best Gourmet Burger at Utah's 2017 Best of State awards for its combination of traditional toppings, BBQ sauce, bacon, and Chef John Newman's secret sauce.
an archival and a current landscape photo of BYU Heritage Halls

If you've visited BYU in the last 10 years, you're bound to have noticed some changes but also felt the same Spirit of the Y. Take a trip along BYU's paths in this photo essay of campus changes from the Life Sciences Building to the new MTC expansion and everything in between.

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Studio C's James Perry speaks at TEDxBYU

"It almost started to seem like my goofing off was the thing that had purpose," shared Studio C's James Perry at the 2017 TEDxBYU. He joined a lineup of speakers discussing a variety of topics, including refugees, empathy, foster care, and design.

Professor Iain Hunter examines a runner's stride
Don't mess with your stride, says a pair of BYU running experts and professors. Research by USA Track and Field consultant Iain Hunter and U.S. Olympian Jared Ward shows that no matter the experience level, runners naturally choose the best stride for them.
a collection of stats on BYU's chocolate milk consumption
Raise a bottle of cold chocolate milk to BYU and 20 years being the nation's most "Stone Cold Sober" campus, according to The Princeton Review. Then check your bottle for a golden ticket. A Willy Wonka—styled Stacey Harkey, of Studio C fame, shares more in this video from the BYU Creamery.
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LDS missionaries gather outside new buildings at the Provo MTC

If you can't make it to the Provo MTC open house, take a virtual tour with this new video and see some of the art and floor-to-ceiling murals, as well as the new naturally lit classrooms and study areas.

President Kevin J Worthen and BYU students take a selfie
BYU—and its combined social media following of nearly half a million people—has ranked in the nation's top 10 for university social media engagement. Check out the #BYUHatsInCoolPlaces hashtag on Instagram or this viral video on Facebook for some of this year's best work.
A rattlesnake rattle being cut open
Daniel Markham and his son Lincoln have a penchant for cutting stuff open, including a wasp nest, a bowling ball, and an Etch A Sketch. All their slicing has garnered them millions of views on YouTube—644,008,724 to be exact. Check out some of their most popular videos investigating what's inside.
Chris Feinauer and his wife
Alum Chris Feinauer found an outlet from schoolwork by joining the BYU International Folkdance Ensemble, where he also met his wife. Since then, he's leveraged the discipline gained in busy student life to become senior vice president at U.S. Bank, and he still finds time to serve the BYU community.
BYU Spectacular! with Kristin Chenoweth
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