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Baby, Ride Your Firebolt
Sad the Harry Potter saga is over? Commiserate with Divine Comedy, the BYU group whose Firebolt music video spoof is approaching 200,000 views and has earned them an invite to the International Quidditch Cup. Watch Firebolt. Play clip
Striking Water in Tanzania
A human-powered drill built by BYU engineers can tap water 150 to 250 feet deep in a matter of days--and at a fraction of the cost of water-drilling alternatives.
Get Your Football Fix
The first BYU Football Media Day attracted ESPN, USA Today, and CBS Sports coverage. Watch interviews with BYU legends, players, and coaches.
Whence the Big Idea?
To rank the world's most innovative companies, Forbes turned to BYU professor Jeff Dyer. See the five skills he's uncovered that can help lead to big ideas.
Finding Fame in a Pickle
Brian Crane's Pickles cartoon entertains readers in 800 news markets. See his favorite strips and hear him talk about his much-loved senior citizens.
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
Digital Bridges
Check out the online version of the spring 2011 issue of Bridges, the Kennedy Center's alumni magazine.
Movie Night!
Prepare for the Foreign Service Exam by watching Charlie Wilson's War Aug. 12 with the Foreign Service Student Organization.
David O. McKay School of Education
Resilience in Haiti
Assistant counseling professor Michelle Marchant recounts stories from her visit to Haiti after the 2010 quake.
Free for All
A BYU professor who is pioneering open-education platforms won a fellowship from the Open Learning Network.
"His Grace Is Sufficient"
Hear the July devotional given by Brad Wilcox, associate professor of teacher education and popular EFY speaker.
Visions of Literacy
McKay faculty Roni Jo Draper is helping teachers improve literacy in a variety of disciplines, from math to music.
College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Campus Life 1,000 Years Ago
BYU's Museum of Peoples and Cultures won a national award for an exhibit featuring the archaeology of Utah Valley.
Welcoming a New Dean
Benjamin Ogles, former dean at Ohio University, is now dean of BYU's College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences.
College of Fine Arts and Communications
Film Fest
See what film won Best of Fest at this year's Final Cut, BYU's annual student-produced film festival.
Leader of the Band
Don Peterson, director of bands in the School of Music, was inducted into the American Bandmaster's Association.
Cow Tetris?
Playing off a popular Japanese game show, students made a Wendy's commercial that is winning top awards.
Education Week Shows
Enjoy live performances during Education Week, including Aida and a Disney-themed show by Jenny Oaks Baker.
College of Humanities
Writing and Rhetoric Now a Minor
Beginning this fall English students will be able to declare a minor in writing and rhetoric. Previously it was a concentration rather than a minor.
The Brazilian Exchange
As part of the U.S.-Brazil Diversity Project, BYU education majors can trade places with university students in Brazil for a semester.
College of Life Sciences
A Taste of Africa
Visit the Bean Museum's newest exhibit, Into Africa, and identify animals with a new iPhone app available for download.
Attention-Grabbing Research
A Deseret News piece explores how BYU's innovative research is garnering national attention--and funding.
College of Nursing
Bumping Bellies
Students helped open a maternity clinic in Ghana, where women said thanks with a bump of their pregnant bellies.
In Honor of Myrtie
Ira and Mary Lou Fulton are sponsoring a new annual faculty mentoring award named after Ira's mother, Myrtie.
Concern for Minorities
Graduate fellowship award recipient Laura Shellman hopes to work with minority and underserved populations.
Immunization Facts
A BYU professor mentored students in immunization research. Watch their video on reasons to immunize.
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Reinventing the Blackboard
Chemistry professor Steven Wood's new interactive website ChemCompanion is part classroom, textbook, and lab.
Should Parents Facebook?
See what Charles Knutson, associate professor of computer science, told BYUtv about parenting in cyberspace.
Treating Colon Cancer
Using his past AIDS research, associate chemistry professor Matt Peterson may have found a treatment for colon cancer.
Summer Statistics
Students, professors, and professionals celebrated mixed models at BYU's Summer Institute of Applied Statistics.
A BYU-Pixar Pipeline
Pixar keeps coming back to BYU to hire animation students. Read more in the Deseret News.
Innovation and Faith
Watch mechanical engineering professor Larry Howell's devotional address about faith and personal innovation.
J. Reuben Clark Law School
Briefing the Supreme Court
BYU prepared an amicus brief for the biggest religious-freedom case to go before the U.S. Supreme Court in decades.
Prized Writing
Tackling irreparable harm in trademark law, grad Jeffrey Sanchez's article took third in an international competition.
A Desire to Help
BYU law student John Kwarm was appointed to the Rocky Mountain Black Law Students Association board.
Facing the Professor
The Law School now uses video conferencing to keep students and faculty connected during externships.
Marriott School of Management
Women at Work
Women may be a minority in the business world, but they are a growing presence in the BYU Management Society.
First Ballard Fellows
See who made the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance's first list of research and teaching fellows.
BYU Broadcasting
Under the Gun
A new release tells accounts of German and Austrian Saints during World War II.
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BYU Magazine
Ode on My Belly Button Watch clip
Watch BYU's Guggenheim fellow Kim Johnson read her poetry on Facebook or YouTube.
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Mentored Marvels
Read how alumni donations help undergrads contribute significantly to medical science.
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