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BYU women’s volleyball players wear “Love One Another” shirts during Thursday night’s match. BYU Photo

In an op-ed in today’s Deseret News, BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe addresses an incident at last week’s Duke-BYU women’s volleyball game. Read his message about love for others, BYU’s zero tolerance for racism, and the call of Church president Russell M. Nelson to “lead out in abandoning attitudes and actions of prejudice.”

THe 2022 incoming class of freshmen form a Y in the south end of the stadium.

Fall semester 2022 is underway, and a brand new batch of BYU students gathered in the south end of LaVell Edwards Stadium for the yearly tradition of forming a human Y. Watch the time-lapse and think back to learning the words to the fight song, cheering at the first football game, and feeling inspired during Tuesday-morning devotionals.

Of Souls and Sacraments, Symbol and Context in Christian Art | Now Open | BYU Museum of Art
Professor Jacob Rawlins garnishes glass bowls of homemade ice cream with waffle chips. Photo by Bradley Slade.

BYU linguistics professor Jacob Rawlins is famous for bringing homemade ice cream to his editing and publishing classes. Using an ice-cream maker and ingredients from his pantry, he invents a wide variety of flavors, then brainstorms punny names with his students. Learn how to mix up a cool class favorite: Cone Follow Me, a vanilla ice-cream base with swirls of hot fudge and caramel and chunks of chocolate-coated waffle cone.

BYU professors (L-R) Eric Homer, James Patterson, Oliver Johnson, and Eric Sevy stand next to the DeLorean-like falcon-wing doors of a Tesla X. Unfortunately, the Tesla cannot time travel. Photo by Nate Edwards/BYU Photo.

BYU researchers have traveled back in time to solve a seemingly irreconcilable scientific mystery that has confused engineers and chemists for nearly two decades. And while they didn’t actually hit 88 miles an hour in a DeLorean like Marty McFly, the team did find themselves back in the ’50s, where they discovered the answer to a metals-processing conundrum that has popped up in modern academic research.

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Cosmo skydives into teh stadium.

Cosmo dropped into the stadium to help BYU’s corporate partner Built Brands announce its re-upping of the deal that made national headlines last year. Built’s individual NIL agreements with BYU football players include the opportunity for compensation to all members of the team and will once again include agreements with all 36 walk-on players. There’s also the new Cougar Tail–flavored Built bar, sales of which will support BYU athletes.

A gentleman from Georgia stands in front of a wrapped pallet of donations in a warehouse as he is interviewed about a BYU tailgate food donation.

BYU Alumni has organized service projects at pregame tailgates for each away football game in 2022. Starting with the USF game this weekend, BYU Alumni and its local alumni chapters at each game site will be hosting “Cougs Care” pregame tailgates that incorporate a service project for local nonprofits. Don’t miss the local media reports from last year’s successful service events in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee.

Sparkling ice particles swirl in the air as singers perform a medley of songs from the Frozen movies.

Celebrate the final hot days of summer with this cool new BYU Vocal Point video from their recently released album, Magic: Disney Through Time. This Frozen medley features Hailey Hyde, Hannah Dalley, and the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble. From VP: “If you go Into the Unknown and become Lost in the Woods, make sure to Let It Go For the First Time in Forever and watch our new music video.

Lopini Katoa smiles as he shares his story from the glass windows of the football stadium pressbox.

After committing to Oregon State before his mission, senior football running back Lopini Katoa didn’t expect his school and life to change while serving as a Church missionary in Missouri, but both did. When divorce and cancer hit his family, he found strength in his relationships at home and with his team. Here’s the first Deep Blue profile of the 2022 football season.

Image of a fox eating grapes in a Huqoq synagogue mosaic. Photo by Jim Haberman.

Almost every summer since 2011, BYU faculty and students have joined a consortium of universities led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to excavate the synagogue in the ancient Jewish village of Huqoq, on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee. This year’s work on the building’s beautiful mosaic floor, which dates from the late fourth to early fifth century C.E., yielded a unique discovery: fragments showing Jael and the prophetess Deborah.

After finding healing from her own eating disorder, Anna Packard now helps others overcome unrealistic body ideals and develop positive relationships with food. Photo by Bradley Slade.

Anna Packard cried when she learned her first child would be a little girl. But her tears were not tears of joy. “I felt so scared that she would go through what I went through with an eating disorder,” Packard says. “I didn’t want that for her.” Read how Packard found healing from her own eating disorder and how now, as a therapist, she helps others overcome unrealistic body ideals and develop positive relationships with food.

A graphic showing BYU and University of Utah license plates and the text BYU versus Utah. BYU Alumni.

We aren’t playing the University of Utah in football this year, but we can still beat them on the road! The University of Utah currently sports 14,169 license plates and BYU has 4,184. Remember, it’s not just about repping the Y: proceeds from plates go directly toward student scholarships. You can purchase BYU plates at your local Utah DMV and walk out with them the same day. Find out more here for Utah residents and here for Texas residents.

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