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Why religion matters by Jeffrey Holland
Religion binds us to God and each other and brings us peace, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said in last week’s Education Week devotional. Read the full speech, watch the video, or share the quote above on Facebook.
BYU Nebraska Miracle Play in Legos
Kickoff is nine days away, and Taysom Hill is starting at QB. Get pumped now by watching this clever stop-motion video of backup Tanner Mangum’s Hail Mary pass at Nebraska last year. Produced by Jared Jacobs, the 20-second clip recreates the catch, the referee hug, and the postgame celebration from the original broadcast. Try to find Cosmo.
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Rep the Y and score 50 bucks
A $50 BYU Store gift card is up for grabs each week. Alyssa Lyman got the most likes last week for this shot of her brother repping the Y. It's your turn. Wear BYU gear this Friday, post a photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and tag it with @byumagazine and #RepTheY.
couple in love
Enjoy this sweet duet and dance performance from BYU's Young Ambassadors depicting a BYU couple who finds love, gets married, has kids, then grows old together. And check out where BYU groups will perform live this year.
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Byron White and Kevin J Worthen
In this peek behind the curtain, learn how BYU Supreme Court clerks, including now-BYU president Kevin J Worthen (right), have worked side by side with judges and gained lifelong lessons about friendship, respect, humanity, and the law.
Vintage image of Cougar Stadium
On crisp autumn days in Provo, when everything turns "golden and sapphire blue," Amy Felix Stewart relished the hours spent at Cougar Stadium with her dad. Read her personal essay with its vintage photos and vivid memories.
Griz Kid Wesley Larson and a bear
Living his childhood dream, BYU grad student Wesley Larson is working to help bears and humans peacefully coexist. Read about Larson's adventures in the wild or follow @grizkid on Instagram.
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