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Stacy Taniguchi—a BYU professor, wilderness guide, and consultant—stands near red rocks, draped in climbing ropes and wearinga helmet.
After 22 years at BYU, basketball coach Dave Rose announced his retirement. Over 14 years as head coach, Rose had a 348-135 (.720) record, the best in BYU history, and led his teams to 13 consecutive 20-win seasons, 8 NCAA appearances, and, in 2011, a Sweet 16 run behind National Player of the Year Jimmer Fredette. In addition to his coaching success, Dave Rose's legacy includes the lessons he learned while battling cancer in 2009.
Six movie and video game characters from BYU's award-winning animation program, including a dragon, a ram, and a couple in love.
BYU alum and YouTuber Mark Rober supercharged his golf game by creating a rocket-powered driver that can swing at 150 mph. Watch what happens when you hit golf balls, glass, and a watermelon with a rocket-powered golf club.
Protect teh people you value most. Coverage for life, health, long-term care insurance, and more. The BYU Alumni Insurance Program
A black and white portrait of Jeffrey R. Holland (standing) and Patricia Holland (seated in a leather chair) at the desk of the BYU president. Volumes of books line the wooden shelves behind them.
BYU senior Alyssa Brown just won her fourth National Collegiate Landscaping Competition, becoming the first college student to win it in all four years of school. BYU students received 10 of the 75 scholarships awarded at the event.
The five members of the Canadian Brass ensemble lean in and smile for this tighyly cropped portrait.
"While his Brigham Young University teammates were in Provo, Utah, preparing to run their first invitational of the season, Casey Clinger was 5,000 miles away, wandering the shattered streets of an earthquake-struck island, handing out tuna fish." Read why this two-time cross-country national champion put his athletic career on pause.
No car payments until summer 2019 (deferred). Rates as low as 3.74 percent from Deseret First Credit Union.
This detail from the stained glass window of the Rome Italy temple's visitors center used stones from BYU's geology collection. The Rome Italy temple can be seen through one of the clear stones at bottom left.
BYU law professor Stephanie Barclay has been selected to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch during the 2021 term. Barclay will help decide which cases the Supreme Court should take and prep Gorsuch for arguments as cases are heard during the year.
Jahshire Hardnett, a junior basketball player stand holding a basketball near a rustic outdoor backboard. Thin white clouds and a blue-gray sky provide a dramatic backdrop.
BYU student Johanna Jones's audition for Hollywood Week of "American Idol" ended with a surprise proposal from Jones's boyfriend (and fellow BYU student) Matt Zavoral. Watch the audition, proposal, and Katy Perry's "ugly cry."
A balck and white engagment-style photo shows Emily Hardman and Rob Reading in an embrace.
In this action-packed photo essay, volleyball player Gabi Garcia Fernandez shares his story: growing up in Puerto Rico, becoming a volleyball player, deciding to come to BYU, and loving Provo (despite the cold weather).
The BYU Cougarettes, wearing white and blue-striped hip-hop track suits, pose near a concrete structure.
With technology swiftly changing everything, BYU alum and University of Colorado Denver professor Brent Wilson is pushing his colleagues in instructional design to be more innovative and to bring new tech, including video games, into classrooms.
The BYU Cougarettes, wearing white and blue-striped hip-hop track suits, pose near a concrete structure.
BYU fans were shocked in 1956 when Cosmo was revealed to be two people, one of which was (gasp) a girl. Learn more about Peggy Herron's stint as the first female Cosmo as well as other alumni memories of the BYU mascot.
An orange-gloved hand paints matte black nail polish onto a spherical surface.
A team of BYU advertising majors has taken up Wienerschnitzel's challenge to change public perceptions of the hot dog. Equipped with hours of research, focus groups, and an imaginary $25 million budget, the team will present their campaign for the 2019 National Student Advertising Competition.
After Promontory: Opens March 29 at the BYU Museum of Art.
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