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Animation of a landing of a Dragonfly rotocraft on Saturn's moon Titan.
BYU geology professor Jani Radebaugh is part of NASA’s mission to study prebiotic chemical processes common on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, which is an analog to early Earth. Check out the Dragonfly rotorcraft-lander that will launch in 2026 and land on Titan in 2034. And read more about BYU’s resident space geologist.
A plate of hand-sized cookies .
In a quest to rekindle lost American values, BYU information systems professor Gove Allen and his family often don colonial caps and aprons and bake breaded delights in a handcrafted wood-burning oven. Of all his American classics, Allen is known for his delicious Joe Froggers. Get the recipe for this hand-sized molasses spice cookie.
A painting shows President George Washington on a white horse in winter surrounded by soldiers.

In this 45-second patriotic video, 1776 author David McCullough narrates George Washington’s reenlistment speech given to war-weary soldiers gathered by the Delaware River. Text and audio of McCullough’s classic BYU forum address can be found here.

Mark Rober in a 15-ton Jello pool.
Former NASA engineer, BYU engineering grad, and YouTube big shot Mark Rober finally answers his childhood question: What would it be like to belly flop into a big pool of Jell-O?
Living Legends performer dancing.
Living Legends captivated Brazilian crowds with its choreography, stunning costumes, and unique cultural appeal. See this colorful recap of the group’s recent performance tour.
A professor holds a syringe while dropping liquid into a small vial.

A new study published in Science by a research team from BYU and the U of U tells how Cdc48—the “swiss Army knife of the cell”—unfolds proteins. This discovery will advance efforts to develop more effective inhibitors and therapeutics for cancer.

Photo taken by Nate Edwards of Erica Birk-Jarvis running with water droplets all around her.
At the 2019 symposium of the University Photographers’ Association of America, BYU’s Nate Edwards was named National Photographer of the Year—for the third year in a row. See all of the winning work from Edwards and his BYU Photo colleagues.
A couple sits with their three young daughters on the floor of their living room.
Feel crowded? Or too spread out? BYU researchers found that how you perceive your house affects how your family functions more than the structure’s physical characteristics. Read more about this two-year study of more than 164 families.
A sign says 'Under Contract' over the words 'For Sale' in front of the Amanda Knight Hall. border=
An investment company has purchased the Amanda Knight Hall with plans to restore the 80-year-old building.
A college-aged boy sits in a stroller holding a Red Bull with a sippy cup lid.
BYU researchers say parents should focus more on warmth and less on control in their parenting. Data from this new study suggests three distinct types of helicopter parenting, some more problematic than others. Read more to see if and where you fit in.
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