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Girl hugging German shepherd
A fetching new study shows that canines adjust their behavior according to yours. Find out how to make your dog trust you in coverage by NPR or People magazine.
BYU baseball wins conference title

For the first time since 2001, BYU baseball won a conference regular-season title, shared with Gonzaga and St. Mary's. The Cougars now move on to face Gonzaga in the WCC conference tourney tonight. See streaming and radio options.

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Opera diva Rebecca Pedersen
Steve Siebers left the corporate world to stack beanbags on the heads of alpenhorn players in Kalamazoo. Read why.
To truly love others, we have to vecome vulnerable in new ways.
This timeless message by Brad Wilcox is one of the most popular and poignant BYU speeches. Read the speech, view two minutes of highlights, or watch the entire devotional. You can also share this quote and others on Facebook.
Hawk on nest
A protective Cooper’s Hawk is nesting in an elm tree near the Brimhall Building. See a short clip of parent and baby raptors and see why wearing a hat on south campus is a good idea.
Crashing bacteria in lab
BYU chemists, funded by NASA, are trying to find the velocity at which bacterial spores will "splat and die." No luck yet.
Ammon Lego scene
From family history to rugby, songwriting to calligraphy, check out some of the thousands of things you can learn at campus conferences, camps, and workshops.
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Live tweeting of BYU devotionals
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