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BYU Today masthead with Christmas bells in place of the letter O
Merry Christmas in gold text floats above the bell tower on a snow-covered BYU campus. The bell tower mtas  Photo by Bradley Slade.

On a crisp winter day in Provo, nothing says Christmas like “Carol of the Bells” ringing out over the snow-covered valley from BYU’s Centennial Carillon Tower. Be transported to a wintry campus with this spirit-brightening performance by carillonneur Joshua Fenwick.

A golden silhouetted illustration of the manger where Jesus Christ was born.

In December 2002 Elder Russell M. Nelson shared this message at BYU: “Through all of our various Christmas traditions, I hope that we are focused first upon the Lord Jesus Christ. He was born that all humankind might live beyond the grave. He died that we might live. At Christmas, of course, we focus upon His birth. But, He will come again.” Watch this inspiring short video to hear Elder Nelson’s powerful testimony or read or watch the full address.

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BYU Noteworthy belts out a Christmas song.

As part of their recent Christmas EP release, BYU Noteworthy shared a new music video with their fans. Viewers have reported chills, goosebumps, and even a few tears. See how you react to BYU Noteworthy’s rendition of “O Holy Night.”

The BYU Singers gather around a Christmas tree to sing.

The BYU Singers gather around the Christmas tree to share the yuletide classic “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

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Mat and Savanna Shaw join BYU Vocal Point in front of an arched-window backdrop.

“What an honor to be a part of this incredible arrangement with such talented vocalists! It turned out beautiful, and we are so grateful,” say Mat and Savanna Shaw, the father-daughter singing duo who joined with BYU Vocal Point to perform this a cappella mix of “Carol of the Bells” and “Wayfaring Stranger.”

Lindsey Stirling with violin on the set of the Chosen.

BYU grad and hip-hop violinist Lindsey Stirling reimagines two Christmas classics with music and dance filmed in the French countryside and on the set of The Chosen. Enjoy her stylish renditions of “Joy to the World” and “O Holy Night.”

A nativity scene produced by a BYU student for a religion class assignment.

The Visualizing Learning exhibit on the first floor of the Joseph Smith Building is a gallery of art pieces created by BYU students for religion classes. Take a look at Y Magazine’s Instagram reel to see if there is a work that speaks to you.

BYU quarterback Jaren Hall poses for a portrait at the BYU Indoor Practice Facility in Provo on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022. Hall’s time as a BYU quarterback is coming to an end. Photo by Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

In this Deseret News article by BYU alum Tad Walch, star BYU quarterback Jaren Hall (who just officially accepted a Senior Bowl invitation) talks family, faith, football, and how serving a Latter-day Saint mission has prepared him for making his next big decision.

Photo of a clouded snow leopard is by Nate Edwards/BYU Photo. Courtesy Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Researchers from BYU and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute are working to protect the future of clouded leopards by studying their genetics. As detailed in a new study, the team has sequenced the entire genome of these modern sabertooths and learned something critical they didn’t expect: the clouded leopard diverged into two separate species much earlier than previously thought. Learn more and see the leopards in action.

The last play of the New Mexico Bowl shows a BYU defender tackling the SMU quarterback.

A pulse-quickening bowl game against Southern Methodist with last-minute heroics—sound familiar? Like the classic 1980 Holiday Bowl, this year’s New Mexico Bowl against SMU came down to a thrilling finish. With the game tied and eight seconds remaining, SMU went for a 2-point try to win the game. But the BYU defense stepped up to secure the victory. Rewind and relive the game with Greg Wrubell’s commentary or take a longer look with ESPN’s recap.

A closeup of the rocket flames beneath the Space Launch System that powered the Artemis 1 mission.

The Space Launch System that powered the Artemis I mission was a huge rocket, which produced powerful soundwaves. With lift-off interrupted by two hurricanes and other challenges, the rocket finally launched in November. On site at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, a BYU acoustics team deployed customized field equipment to capture high-intensity audio of the rocket launch. Watch and listen as undergrads and professors “nerd out,” sharing firsthand accounts of their bone-rumbling experience.

Brett Mickelsen and his volunteer team break for lunch outside a recent Hammers ’N Angels home makeover. Photo by Donna Larson.

Her home was in shambles. Vivian's husband was struggling with Parkinson’s disease, the couple was under severe financial difficulties, and she had spent the last 15 years raising three grandchildren after her daughter passed away. In stepped BYU alum Brett Mickelsen and a team of volunteers, completely redoing the house—for free. Learn more about Mickelsen and why he finds people who deserve a home makeover each year.

A couple embraces in front of holiday lights to illustrate a new study from BYU identifying three common reasons people love Hallmark Christmas movies.

While some find them formulaic and cheesy, Hallmark Christmas movies nevertheless captivate millions of viewers each holiday season. Why is that? According to a new study from BYU researchers, these films usher in the season for some and provide a respite from day-to-day obligations for others. The research identified three types of viewers from the data: season’s greeters, Rudolphs, and carolers. Read on to find out what kind of holiday-movie viewer you might be.

Cosmo is captured spread-eagled in the air above stacked folding tables in the Marriott Center.

We should have known that Cosmo would try to one- or two-up himself after successfully powering up through a stack of three folding tables in a football-game stunt last fall. Watch the mascot’s latest feat of daring strength well above the Marriott Center playing floor.

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