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Superhero: Hero or Bully?

A new study shows that preschoolers absorb more aggression than altruism from their adventures into superhero culture. Get the details in the New York Post, Deseret News, and BYU Magazine.

BYU hosts MLK celebration
As part of Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorations, BYU hosted its Community Outreach Day and Walk of Life for students and members of the community. Watch the highlights.
Draw closer to Him, the source of all truth and light.
In 2017's first devotional, Sister Peggy Worthen said prayer is the most important form of communication. And President Kevin J Worthen stressed the need to better "discern, apply, and ultimately internalize truth." Read about or stream last week's addresses and share this quote on Facebook.
James C. Christensen
In his world, you could dress up in poofy clothes and take your fish for a walk. Beloved artist and former BYU professor James C. Christensen died last week after a lengthy battle with cancer. He had a curious and positive artistic vision and a belief that all things are possible. See a KSL news story, watch a BYUtv documentary, or enjoy this classic BYU Magazine article.
Nadia Gomes, Ashley Hatch, and Michele Vasconcelos
One team, three conference players of the year, and the no. 3 scoring offense in the country. Learn which two just went pro.
Tasty cricket plate
Insects may never supplant beef as a protein source in our culture, but how about adding some cricket powder to an energy bar? See the research and decide for yourself if munching a chocolate cricket can ever be as satisfying as biting into a Kit Kat.
Woman snacking on a pretzel
Here’s to taking care of your knees, to letting your chew manage your portion size, and to figuring out what makes you gloomy on gray days (hint: it's not the weather).
Young woman taking a selfie
It could mean you are a big ol' narcissist. But maybe not, as there are at least two other possibilities. Check it out at Health, CNET, or the Today Show.
Sunburst shining on Brigham Young statue
Looking for work with mission and meaning? BYU is a great choice as is our sponsoring institution. And we're not the only ones that think this about BYU and the Church.
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