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Provo City Center Temple
After fire destroyed the Provo Tabernacle, it seemed lost forever. Today the pioneer icon is once again a place of light and learning—a temple to be dedicated March 20. Read about BYU's ties to the building or rejoice with this video.
Ali Wright
Whether helping kids with HIV or getting a homeless clinic accredited, Alison Wright shines. See the recent alumni award winner in action, then read about honorees from all 10 colleges.
Wedding Cake
Will you proceed with faith or be brought to a standstill by a fear of failure? See the fun video story Sister Worthen used to illustrate her point at winter's first devotional. Or read or listen at BYU Speeches.
BYU in Ecuador
Venturing into the lush Amazon rainforest, BYU students and Professor Janis Nuckolls discovered treasures of language. In this photo essay and video, learn about their work to study and preserve a rare language.
Norman Rockwell
The MOA’s eyebrow-raising Norman Rockwell exhibit disappears February 13. Read professor perspectives, reserve free tickets, or see a video about the show.
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