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BYU Spectacular! features Colbie Caillat and David Archuleta
See Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat and singing sensation David Archuleta at BYU Spectacular! Add in BYU performing groups Vocal Point, Young Ambassadors, Cougarettes, Jazz Voices, Living Legends, Synthesis, and Women’s Chorus and you won't want to miss this show. Enter to win two free tickets here. (One entry per person, please.) Or guarantee your seats: tickets are on sale now at
The McClellan family strolls along a wooded path
In his recent devotional address, Jeffrey McClellan, director of BYU Publications and Graphics, shared lessons from the hymn "How Firm a Foundation" and detailed some of life's challenges that have helped build and sustain his family's foundation of faith. Watch video highlights or the full address at BYU Speeches. Text and audio are also available.
City Creek Living: In the heart of Salt Lake City. Schedule your tour today.
Four people dressed in Peru World Cup team gear cheer for their team
France won the World Cup, but whose cheer is best? Almost all of the countries competing in the cup are represented at BYU and some of those die-hard fans stopped by BYU Magazine to cheer on their teams.
A young woman in a plaid shirt holds a protype of the Ember lantern.
Tasked with creating outdoor lights for retailer Black Diamond, BYU's bright industrial design students built four functioning prototypes and collaborated with students from London and Budapest. Read about their process and see their innovative products.
Buy tickets to BYU Spectacular! featuring Colbie Caillat and David Archuleta
Candy hearts printed with messages like I Respect You, Ask Me, and Hold Hands?
Get early access to the cover story of the next issue of BYU Magazine. Adapted from a devotional address by Benjamin Ogles, this feature shares his experience working at BYU on the issue of sexual assault. Ogles explains how gospel principles can inform and help build a culture of consent and respect.
John and Shauna Dickson pose atop Baxter Peak at 5,267 feet
For John and Shauna Dickson, retirement is about going up, not slowing down. Both in their 60s, these BYU alums hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, which stretches almost 2,200 miles—from Georgia to Maineand includes a total of 464,464 feet of elevation change.
BYU mint brownies. Yum.
Get them on campus or make them at home. Here is the recipe for the BYU baked good you oddly crave when you see a campus entrance sign.
Portrait of BYU geneticist Mary Davis
Research by BYU geneticist Mary Davis shows how to spot in advance who will suffer major side effects from multiple sclerosis medicines. Learn about the genetic marker that could lead to more personalized MS treatment.
Buzz Aldrin salutes near the site of the first lunar landing
On July 20, 1969, Americans were first to land and walk on the moon, the human race achieving what NASA called its single greatest technological achievement of all time. The Apollo missions also provided the perfect analogy for Patrick Kearon's 2012 devotional address. Watch this new video excerpt just launched by BYU Speeches.
Pulitzer Prize Photographs exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art opens July 23
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