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A Healing Dream is the text that accompanies an image of four jingle dress dancers standing in tall grass in front of the Grand Tetons.
Feeling distressed by the pandemic and grieving an aunt’s death from the virus, Diné (Navajo) photographer Eugene Tapahe experienced a vivid dream where he was watching bison in Yellowstone National Park, when jingle-dress dancers arrived to perform, bringing him peace. This inspired Tapahe to create a new series of photos.
Engineering grad student Jacob Sheffield won the Student Innovator of the Year Award for this origami-inspired windshield-wiper device he created for laparoscopes shown here.
While laparoscopes have made surgery easier for surgeons and patients, they must be removed for cleaning multiple times during surgery. To resolve this, BYU engineering grad student Jacob Sheffield has created a tiny origami-based device that serves as a miniature lens wiper for laparoscopic cameras.
Brock, Brittany, and Damian Markham enjoy a moment together.
If you’re in Utah (or happen to be traveling to the Beehive State around Pioneer Day), make a stop at Thanksgiving Point for the first-ever BYU Alumni Days, Thursday–Saturday, July 22–24. BYU grads and immediate family get 50 percent off admission at five award-winning venues: Ashton Gardens, Butterfly Biosphere, Farm Country, Museum of Ancient Life, and Museum of Natural Curiosity. Reserve your tickets today.
The just-completed football locker room renovations in the Student Athlete Building.
See the reactions of BYU football players as they enter the renovated locker facilities in the Student Athlete Building for the first time. The 75-yard-long space, patterned after the locker room of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, offers cool features like personalized lockers, a shoe wall, a legacy jersey display, shuffleboard table, and barber chair.
A cartoon showing a human and a green-skinned troll sitting together. The human says he is in charge of social media for his firm. The troll says What a coincidence! I'm in charge of trolling your firm.

A new BYU study based on a survey of more than 400 Reddit users offers a revealing look at the key personality traits of social media trolls. Worried that you might know a troll or possess some troll-like traits yourself? Read on.

BYU Vocal Point members sing in the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum surrounded by animal specimens, Tarzan, and Jane.
The movie Tarzan was released 22 years ago, and BYU Vocal Point says that “the inspiring music of Phil Collins has been with us in our hearts for all these years!” Enjoy this wild a cappella medley of Tarzan hits, filmed in the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.
Cosmo is wearing a blue bow and sipping tea from a cup.
Like many of us, Cosmo got a little stir-crazy last year. So we thought we’d get him out for some adventures with BYU alumni and their families. What will you do with Cosmo? Go kayaking? Eat family dinner? Weed a neighbor’s garden? Ride a roller coaster? Flat Cosmo’s up for just about anything. Watch the video, then join the fun by printing out your own Cosmo.
Lindsey Stirling, pictured in a white custom costume is arguably the best-known violinist in the world. Photo by Cara Robbins.
It’s been eleven years since YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling was buzzed off the America’s Got Talent stage. Now the accomplished dancing violinist—and BYU grad—is “a star of and for the modern era,” according to this Deseret Magazine article.
A robotic dog patrols the hallways of BYU's Engineering Building, catching the attention of students in a study or lounge area.
BYU engineering capstone students are programming a Boston Dynamics SPOT robot to meet surveillance needs for Novva Data Centers. Watch this high-tech guard dog turn heads as it walks through the BYU Engineering Building.
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