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Elder Clark G. Gilbert assures his audience, gathered for the Feb. 8, 2022, devotional at Brigham Young University, that Christ can deliver peace during perilous times. Photo by BYU Photo.

“What Christ knew is that, despite the tumult we feel all around us, God will prevail in the end,” said Elder Clark Gilbert in his recent devotional address. After expressing his love for BYU—which is “prophetically led and will remain a spiritual beacon to the world”—the general authority seventy and CES commissioner shared four Christlike attributes that can bring us comfort during perilous times.

Closeup of BYU grads in blue caps and gowns. Photo by Rebekah Baker.
What is the BYU brand? You might think of the pursuit of truth or service to mankind, education for eternity or by study and by faith. But consider this—all that BYU stands for is embodied in students and alumni who are devoted to God and seek to serve in their families and communities. In other words—if you care about BYU, then you are the brand and part of what makes it one of the exceptional universities in the world. As BYU launches a nationwide marketing campaign, you can score some BYU stickers and share an example of how you’ve seen BYU benefit the world.
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A younger Kate Hansen sits by the luge track with her helmet and crutches. Photo by Brad Slade.
Remember Kate Hansen, the dancing luger who competed in the 2014 Olympics? Right now she’s spending long hours in a broadcasting booth in Beijing, providing commentary on all of the sliding events, from the skeleton to the monobob. Read how she went from athlete to commentator and take a look behind the scenes with personal reports from her Instagram.
This graph shows the perecentage of parents who prefer working from home after COVID-19.
A lot of parents worked at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, according to information shared in a Wheatley Institution research brief, many of them enjoyed the freedom they found in captivity. Read how the possibilities for workplace flexibility created during the coronavirus crisis may have reset the way parents think about what they want in their work and family lives.
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A male elk bugles from a grassy meadow.
Research from BYU wildlife-sciences professors finds that when hunting season starts, elk in Utah hoof it away from public lands, where they can be hunted, and live on private lands, where they are safe from the hunt. And then, when hunting season is over, they mosey right back onto public lands. Elk counts from helicopter-based surveys following hunting season confirm the interesting animal behavior—and the problematic result: an elk population significantly larger than the state target.
Paul Solouki’s love of service powers him through heat and mess while he cleans up after New Orleans’s latest hurricane. He is pictured near a tree and a chainsaw. Photo courtesy Paul Solouki.
After Hurricane Ida struck southern Louisiana last August, BYU grad and bishop Paul Solouki contacted ward members to address their most pressing concerns, which often included mucking out houses, tarping roofs, and removing debris and trees. Firing up his chainsaw, Solouki worked alongside Helping Hands crews and others, extending relief to strangers from sunup to sundown for 32 days straight.
BYU history professor Matt Mason teaches American history in the Utah State Prison with Kate Rolfson, a social-sciences teaching major, as volunteers for the University of Utah Prison Education Program. Photo by Bradley Slade.
Why is a BYU history professor wearing a U shirt in a prison classroom? Well, it seems Matthew Mason and Kate Rolfson, a social-sciences teaching major, are willing to sacrifice their time—and don U gear—in order to provide higher-education opportunities through the University of Utah Prison Education Program. Learn how they are changing the lives of inmates at the Utah State Prison.
A personalizeed BYU license plate says THNK U.
In 2021 BYU Alumni gave out $802,682 in Replenishment Grant scholarships to 378 students. In the 30 years of the program, BYU has provided more than 6,000 scholarships—totaling more than $10 million—to students. Thank you, alumni, for funding these scholarships through BYU Alumni chapter fundraisers, donations, and proceeds from BYU license-plate sales. Learn more about Replenishment Grants, your local BYU Alumni chapter, and BYU license plates.
Cosmo and the BYU Spirit Squad perform to disco hits.
A groovy Cosmo, in his ’70s-inspired white jacket with fringe, joined the Cougarettes and BYU Spirit Squad in a routine set to “Dancing Machine” and “We Are Family.” Catch the disco fever in this 1-minute clip.
European Splendors | Old master paintings from the Kress Collection. See the spendors for yourself at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art.
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