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The cover of the summer 2022 issue of Y Magazine with the text The Food Issue and a variety of food items related to the buffet of content inside.

Dig into a full buffet of food-related content in this delicious new issue of Y Magazine. From BYU research addressing food insecurity at home and abroad to insights on diet and body positivity to the special significance of food in BYU culture and history, there’s a lot to chew on. Bon appétit!

A football player is surrounded by the food he eats in a day, including eggs, oatmeal, smoothie, meat, fruit, and protein bars.

Between learning plays, lifting weights, and running stadium bleachers, BYU’s football players have a lot on their plates, figuratively. And it’s all powered by what’s on their plates, literally. Guess how many calories an offensive lineman like Connor J. Pay (above) consumes to power a full day of training.

Monumental Matters: Introspection and Experience in Contemporary Art. Now open at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art.
A bowl of peach cobbler.

If you like peaches folded into a buttery batter, then this sweet cobbler recipe from BYU alumna Lauren Bailey Allen—author of the food blog Tastes Better from Scratch—will hit the spot. And full permission is hereby granted to indulge in dessert before or after mixing up some savory BBQ chicken tacos with creamy cilantro lime sauce.

The BYU engineering students test their water filtration device at the campus duck pond.

Using affordable components, a BYU capstone team designed a water filtration device that will provide clean drinking water to small villages and communities in Pakistan. The engineering students tested the device in locations throughout Utah, including the BYU Botany Pond south of campus. Observe the murky duck pond water before and after the BYU team’s treatment.

The BYU Men’s Chorus performs in the Dome Cathedral of Riga, Latvia.

The BYU Men’s Chorus is back from their successful European tour. Enjoy the hymn “How Firm a Foundation”—a sacred song all about building our lives on the rock of the Savior—performed in the beautiful Dome Cathedral of Riga, Latvia.

A young woman discovers that her car door window has been smashed.

Have you ever pondered what it means to be recommended to God? In a new inspiring short video recreated from her classic devotional address “You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory,” Sheri L. Dew shares how the search for a stolen briefcase taught her about God’s trust in us and our responsibility to lead.

Portrait of a Little Boy in Red Holding a Goldfinch by Santi di Tito. Caption reads What I look like after shaving to go into the testing center. @erb85

The European Splendors exhibit ended in July but the clever responses from the BYU Museum of Art’s caption challenge will live on Twitter forever.

A young boy on a laptop looks to an older family member for guidance. Photo by Nate Edwards. When parents critically engage with the content their children view, they are better equipped to help their children understand the influence the content has on their attitudes and behavior.

It’s no secret that children today are navigating a more complicated media ecosystem than prior generations. According to new BYU research, subtle product placement in sponsored YouTube videos is just one of the ways parents are increasingly tasked with the burden of educating their children about the tactics used by advertisers.

Teh periodic table of elements.

Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev put together the periodic table of the elements more than 150 years ago. And for BYU chemistry professor Steven Wood, it is truly a thing of beauty—its recognizable shape and patterns displaying the structure and underlying order of the elements. Adding to its beauty is the inspiring story of a mother’s love, recognition of her son’s abilities, and sacrifice. Maria Mendeleev’s example reminds us of the human dimension behind every creation. Watch this video for a history lesson on chemistry and the Mendeleevs.

Coach Sitake snoozes with smiling newborn baby Sylvia.

Learn about the competition at the Sitake home—to hold the new baby—and on BYU’s practice field as football players vie for starting positions. Fall camp began yesterday; get all of the BYU family and team details in this BYU Sports Nation interview with head coach Kalani Sitake.

A BYU Vocal Point singer with curly blonde hair and Cinderella aka Laura Osnes lock gazes and sing a duet at the seashore as the All-American Boys Chorus hold lanterns and join in the song.

Broadway’s original Cinderella Laura Osnes joins BYU Vocal Point and the All-American Boys Chorus in today’s premiere of the new music video “I See the Light” from Tangled. Check it out.

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