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Montage of BYU Magazine best of 2020 stories

BYU Magazine’s top story from 2020 wasn’t just best of the year, it was the most-read of all time. Check out “When Women Don’t Speak,” along with nine other insightful articles on this list of the most-viewed, most-shared stories of 2020.

President Kevin J Worthen smiles as he welcomes students and faculty back to campus for winter semester.
“This is not a new normal. Demonstrating a loving, genuine concern for the welfare of our neighbor is actually written into our BYU mission statement. It’s who we are.” See the rest of President Kevin J Worthen’s welcoming message for BYU students and faculty and peruse the safety and testing protocols as a new semester begins on Jan. 11.
Bathed in blue light and wearing blue suits and ties, BYU Vocal Point members stands physically distanced on a high-gloss wooden playing floor, a Y logo at center.
This newsletter’s most-clicked links in 2020 include Truman Madsen’s classic address about the First Vision, Vocal Point’s creative take on the Cougar Song (above), expert analysis on wearing masks, Cosmo’s three-point dunk, and a BYU football family dance-off.
A young woman smiles as she embraces a snowy day at BYU
Dynamic vistas, action-packed athletics, and quiet campus moments fill this gallery of 2020 favorites selected by BYU photographers. Take a moment to remember the past year in pictures.
President Dallin H. Oaks stands at the podium of the BYU Marriott Center.
Amid the pandemic, inspiring BYU devotionals and forums continued on campus—with some modifications. Here is the top-10 list of the year’s most-viewed speeches, with themes like seeking truth, trusting in God, and finding enduring joy. Don’t miss President Dallin H. Oaks’s words on racism and President Bonnie H. Cordon’s guidance on how to ask God for solace and help.
A woman works in a lab to spin nanofibers for more effective masks
The most-read BYU News stories of the year include research on video-game addiction, advice about what milk to drink to lengthen both your telomeres and lifespan, and multiple stories of how students and faculty have persevered and bettered the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to scroll your way down the page to the top five BYU News videos of the year.
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