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A blue-eyed axolotl perches on a glass jar in a cenote, or underwater cave.

A BYU animation about a mischievous axolotl in a lost underwater Mayan world won the top animation prize at the College Television Awards on April 1. You can watch Cenote and other BYU animations here. In total, 13 BYU students were nominated for awards from the Television Academy Foundation, the most nominations received by any university.

Sara Sparhawk and Lyn Johnson (third and fourth from the left) network with and mentor other female entrepreneurs at regional collaborative events. Photo courtesy West Tenth.

BYU grads Sara Sparhawk and Lyn Johnson recognized that there aren’t good onboarding opportunities for women returning to the workforce after leaving “to care for families, churches, communities, and nonprofits.” So these two BYU grads not only created an app to help women grow home-based businesses, they network with and mentor other women at regional collaborative events. Learn how and why they did it.

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Courtney Rich is a self-taught baker, obsessed with cake. She is pictured here smiling in her kitchen holding a fork and, surprise, a plate of cake.

A new episode of the Y Magazine podcast is live. And delicious! Join host Whitney Archibald as she chats with fellow BYU grad Courtney Rich (above) about baking, business, and faith. Listen now and subscribe or follow so you don’t miss new episodes releasing twice a month on your favorite podcast service. You can also get recipes for Rich’s chocolate cheesecake and Biscoff strawberry cakes here.

The text Women's History Month with headshots of 11 women speaking at BYU.

March is Women’s History Month in the United States. To honor women and celebrate their words, BYU Speeches created this video compilation of some of the female BYU devotional speakers who have shared their spiritual insights over the years.

BYU Women's Conference | Learn more.
A child's painting of Christ is surrounded by paints, brushes and other art supplies.

What do temple covenants and an art lesson for children have in common? Both rely on patterns and utilize concepts that help us to achieve more than we could alone. Watch a new inspiring short video from “We Need an Endowment,” a devotional by BYU religion professor and artist Anthony Sweat.

A BYU Ad Lab student with a groundhog wearing a sweater.

In the AdLab, you can find a talking groundhog considering a career change, flying cows, and other weird and wonderful ideas from the minds of BYU’s brilliant advertising students. On the occasion of the AdLab’s success at the College Television Awards—BYU students won for best commercial and all three student Emmy nominees were BYU projects—AdLab creators share what makes the program so successful and inspiring.

BYU Online High School | Learn more.
A rectangle of word art with Utah names including Driggs, Hudson, Carter, Kimball, Brayden, Paisley, Dallin, McKinley, Milo, Bentleee, Griffey, Oakley, Treysen, Swayzee, Navy, Oliver, Reagan, Brooks, and Hadley. Photo by Chalet Moleni.

In 1998 Kaden, Brayden, and Jaden were popular baby names in Utah. A few years later, when those three became more common across the United States, Utah had already moved on to Oliver, Henry, Paisley, Brynlee, and Hadley. Although Utahns are known for their one-of-a-kind monikers—such as Treysen or Swayzee—a new book edited at BYU shows that Utah parents have a long history of setting American naming fads. Read more here.

Team Navy celebrates together after a 26-20 victory over Team Royal in the second annual alumni game. | Photo by Jaren Wilkey.

Once again the outcome of the BYU alumni football game came down to the last play. But this year it was the defense stepping up to secure the win. Get the details of Team Navy’s 26–20 win over Team Royal in the second annual alumni game last Friday. BYU football’s defense also stood tall in the spring scrimmage, forcing seven punts and two turnovers in the stadium just before the alumni game.

The sun sets over a rectangular building where voters are lined up to participate in an election. Illustration by Nate Edwards.

Vocal Point’s new music video, “Fear Is Not Welcome,” is a great addition to any Easter playlist. This performance features Motown gospel singer Brian Courtney Wilson singing with Vocal Point mixed with inspiring clips from The Chosen. Check it out.

In 2022 the Thompson triplets Creed, Davin, and Sage (pictured here near awards at BYU's indoor track) each earned NCAA All-American status in his or her respective sport. Photo by Bradley Slade.

The Thompson triplets are nothing if not competitive. Creed and Davin run on BYU’s cross-country team, while their sister Sage is a gymnast at the University of Utah. The athletic siblings are each All-Americans who aren't about to be outdone by each other—in academics, health, or their respective sports. Watch the Instagram reel and read the story.

A BYU combined choir performs hymns during the Saturday afternoon session of the April 2023 General Conference.

Did you nap for a moment during the peaceful hymns last weekend? Well, here’s a second chance to enjoy BYU’s combined choir performances from the Saturday afternoon session of general conference. Enjoy “How Firm a Foundation,” “The Lord Is My Shepherd,” and “Abide with Me; ’Tis Eventide.”

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