A man and his shadow stand on the beach with the word loneliness and lonely written in the sky and sand

Connect for Better Health

Have you ever felt lonely? Well, you’re not alone. “To one degree or another, loneliness is part of everyone's experience,” says BYU psychology professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad. She has discovered that feeling isolated can be worse for your health than big-name problems like obesity, alcoholism, and pollution. Listen to a new episode of the Y Magazine podcast for tips on maintaining a healthy social life and connecting with those around you. Subscribe to future episodes at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.

Draped in a US flag, Connor Mantz, Ed Eyestone, and Clayton Young celebrate after qualifying for the Olympics in the marathon

Red, White, and Cougar Blue

Former BYU stars Conner Mantz (left) and Clayton Young (right) qualified for this summer’s Paris Olympics this week, becoming the third and fourth Utahns to qualify for the Olympic marathon. They are following in the fast footsteps of their mentor Jared Ward and coach Ed Eyestone (center), who has trained them at BYU and beyond. This Wall Street Journal article explains how Mantz and Young became mentally stronger despite gaining weight and rarely running during their LDS missions. Watch the qualifying race in Orlando, Florida, here. Then view the post-race interview with Coach Eyestone.  

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BYU students taking a picture with President and Sister Reese

Date Night with the Reeses

President C. Shane Reese and Sister Wendy Reese hosted more than 6,500 students during BYU’s date night Jan. 31. After some Kahoot games, students enjoyed a wide array of activities and free food, including s’mores by steel firepits outside on Brigham Square. Read more about how CES date night went at BYU, BYU–Idaho, BYU–Hawaii, Ensign College, BYU–Pathway Worldwide, and 15 institutes of religion.

A bowl of salad with oranges and greens and pomegranate seeds

Delicious Winter Dishes

BYU grad Tara Bench isn’t afraid to experiment in the kitchen. College cooking, with limited resources, taught her how to get creative with her cooking. That’s how she came up with Fresh Green Pesto Pasta with Lemon Ricotta Cream—a recipe using ingredients she had in her fridge. Here she also shares how to make Warm Kale Butternut Squash Salad, perfect as a festive side dish on a cold winter night.

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A red double decker bus driving past London's Big Ben

Resources and Reflections

Studying abroad can be life changing, as shared in these stories of students at BYU’s London Centre. In 2023 BYU sponsored more students on study-abroad programs than any other university in the United States. Yet even with that designation, participating in a study-abroad program can seem like an impossibility for many BYU students. To assist, the Kennedy Center has developed an easy-to-use website to help BYU students find, apply for, and finance study-abroad programs.

Eyeball tracking heat-map images of an outdoor bridge and stairs

Eye-Catching Study

New BYU research offers visual proof of how men’s and women’s nighttime walking experiences differ. While men tended to focus on the path or a fixed object (like a light, the walking path, or a garbage can), the women’s visual pattern represented a scanning of the perimeter (bushes, dark areas next to a path). Learn how this research can inform decision-makers in building or improving campus and community environments.

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BYU sophomore guard Dallin Hall stands at a podium in front of a crowded stake center

From Court Side to Fireside

After their 86–73 win against West Virginia, the BYU men’s basketball team attended worship services in Morgantown, then flew to Oklahoma for a multi-stake devotional on Sunday night. Enjoy select quotes from the players, coaches, and support staff who addressed a packed Norman stake center.

BYU researchers in red jackets flew to Antarctica in a US Air Force plane

Professor Gets Nematode Namesake

Not many people would ever say the words, “I’m super honored that you named this worm after me,” and mean it. Then again, not many people are BYU biology professor Byron Adams (left). But he really is wriggling with delight that an insect-killing nematode now carries his name. Get the details of how and why Adams’s former student named a microscopic roundworm after his mentor.

Sudam Mane sports a mustache and plaid shirt in a BYU lab

Faith Journey: Why a Hindu Scholar Came to BYU

Intrigued by BYU’s “outstanding research faculty and spiritual discipline,” Sudam Mane, a devout Hindu, chose to pursue his PhD at BYU, turning down offers from other renowned institutions. Learn how he went from guiding cattle on his family’s farm in the Sahyadri mountain range of India to studying analytical chemistry near the snow-capped mountains of Provo nearly 8,500 miles away.

Related to Jimmer?

BYU hoops legend Jimmer Fredette and his wife, Whitney, will be at RootsTech 2024, hosting a free session on preserving family stories with FamilySearch, followed by a meet and greet. Then Jimmer will challenge young basketballers in a shootout. Check out the event schedule, which includes a track of classes sponsored by BYU. Be sure to log in to FamilySearch to find out if you are related to Jimmer.