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An abstract illustration depicting a diverse group of human beings, all colors and shapes.
Not seeing differences—such as skin color or income level or disabilityshould not be the goal, says education professor Ramona Maile Cutri, when it comes to helping ourselves and our children to have more awareness of the racism and other challenges those around us face. Instead, she says, “when parents and children deepen their understanding of what marginalized groups face, their hearts expand and they judge less.” Learn what questions we can ask ourselves and how to better teach children to be loving and inclusive.
An actor portraying Jesus Christ kneels on a slope overlooking a mountainous desert.
Christ’s commandment to “be of good cheer” often comes in the midst of adversity. Faith in Christ isn’t a guarantee that we won’t have trials, but, in this inspiring short video from BYU Speeches, retired BYU religion professor Camille Fronk Olson testifies that no trial is more powerful than the peace of His grace.
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New BYU student Hannah Larson is wearing a large blue heart earring and a huge smile as she stands in a wooded area, holding a blue and white Y Cougars banner. Photo by Kelly J. Larson.
Last weekend BYU sent out admission and scholarship decisions, inviting Hannah Larson (above) and thousands of other applicants to come to Provo. This year’s applicant pool was high quality, competitive, and larger than the past few years. As a result BYU admitted a smaller percentage of those who applied: approximately 12,400 freshman applications were submitted this year, and about 59 percent were offered an admission spot. Congrats, future Cougars!
BYU gymnast Jordan Matthews prepares to make a tumbling pass during a floor routine. Nearby a teammate wears a Vote for Pedro T-shirt.
While the fun-loving gymnast Shannon Evans left some Mario-sized shoes to fill, Jordan Matthews has stepped in, bringing an awkward yet somehow graceful Napoleon Dynamite routine to BYU’s recent meet with Southern Utah University. Watch the floor exercise on Twitter or stream on BYUtv. (The clip begins at 1:35:54 .)
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BYU professor Sarah Coyne says moderation is best for young girls' social media use. This photo, by Madeline Mortensen, shows a young women sitting in a wooded area bathed in muted sunlight.
For certain groups, the answer is yes, according to troubling findings from the longest study to date on the effects of social media on teens. In particular, the BYU research found a correlation between time spent on social media and suicide risk among teenage girls. Read details, then find tips in these videos on how to use social media in a healthy way.
Sarah Wald shows off her home offices, different locations in her house that she uses, with her dog, each weekday.
Take a look behind the scenes of BYU during a pandemic. From hammocks to backdrops to multiple monitors and treadmills, BYU professors and employees have found creative solutions to working at home with kids and pets. Slide through the gallery of user-submitted photos and discover a bounce house, pet portraits, and a cameo by Darth Vader.
Five young female BYU students gather before ascending Y Mountain.
Kylie Webster, a BYU grad and former women’s basketball team manager, wanted to hike the Y ever since her freshman year, when she saw it lit up for Homecoming. But it never seemed possible, given the limited use of her legs due to Leigh syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. Last year, however, with some help from her friends—and an ATV—she finally made her way up the mountain and hiked the last section of the trail to the symbol of her alma mater.
Deep Blue video profile of BYU basketball forward Gideon George
Ready to be inspired? Gideon George’s journey from a remote village in Nigeria to New Mexico Junior College to BYU could be right out of a movie. For every opportunity the BYU basketball forward has been given, he seems to find a way to give back. One example: he and his brother Samson gathered more than 100 pairs of shoes to send to kids in Africa.
Four members of BYU Noteworthy in a composite image, each singing with emotion.
BYU Noteworthy used a green screen to put together this video about feeling blue. Check out this a cappella cover of the Selena Gomez single “Lose You to Love Me,” their latest track from This Is Noteworthy, a new album dropping on March 5.
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