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Orkin: The Best Pest Musical
BYU AdLab students Seth Mollerup and Chris Petersen (and their team of Orkin men) really killed it at the Student Andy Awards, producing a musical ad sensation that didn't bug the impressive panel of judges at all—just the opposite, as they awarded the creative team the grand prize and a 10K scholarship.
Andy and Stephanie Meredith
After a tropical storm devastated her South Carolina hometown in 2015, Beth Petty changed her career from resort manager to firefighter. When Petty began her training, she read something familiar on a document—"Horry County Training: Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve"and felt right at home. Read about grads from every state in BYU Magazine's "50 Going Forth."
Summit Creek, quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community
If you embrace the plan, the Lord will open the way before you. —Kim B. Clark
In his recent devotional Elder Kim B. Clark said, "Our Father knew that mortality would be hard and blessed, dangerous and peaceful, full of adversity and also glorious opportunities." Discover the three crucibles of choice he says are essential to eternal life as you watch, listen to, or read a summary of his address.
Cosmo COugar catches air on a snowboard
How far will this crazy cat go? Strap on your snowboard and shred some snowy slopes with the BYU mascot in this dizzyingly dangerous video. Can't get enough Cosmo? Here's a highlight reel with some skydiving, dancing, and dunking.
Alumni Insurance Program
Photo of Professor Daniel Kay by the Tree of Wisdom
Even when they sleep, insomniacs feel awake. A fascinating new study by psychology professor Daniel Kay shows why and offers some hope for sleepless souls.
Illustration of a family of BYU fans cheering from their rooftop
There are fans, fanatics, and fan antics. Read the first-person accounts of all three, including that one time Yolanda put her signature on an unattended souvenir football.
Portrait of Renée Elise Goldsberry
After a campus concert and her workshop with BYU students, Tony Award–winner Renée Elise Goldsberry talked with BYU Speeches about her journey of faith and her relationship with God.
BYU's landscape management team hard at work
For the second year in a row, BYU is the winner of the National Collegiate Landscaping Competition—and this year it was a landslide as the team finished 440 points ahead of the field. BYU has now won the title six times since 2003. Dig into all of the details here.
Vocal Point performs in a new video
"Then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave He rose again!" Keep the Easter spirit alive this week with the latest video from Vocal Point: "In Christ Alone."
BYU students built an innovative hand trike that attaches to wheelchairs
BYU mechanical engineering students have created a "hand trike" that attaches to the thousands of wheelchairs that LDS Charities distributes each year. This innovation will provide a faster, easier-to-use mode of transportation for those with physical disabilities. See it in action.
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